The Guerrillas

Welcome to Beauty Guerrillas – A British beauty blog with attitude. We test every product, treatment and spa getaway that we mention so you know that you are getting honest advice, straight from the horses mouth.

Beauty • noun (pl. beauties) 1 a combination of qualities that delights the aesthetic senses. 2 before another noun intended to make someone more attractive: beauty treatment. 3 a beautiful woman. 4 an excellent example. 5 an attractive feature or advantage.

Guerrilla • noun a member of a small independent group fighting against the government or regular forces.

Beauty Guerrilla • noun 1 a bad-ass woman with beauty and brains 2 a cosmetics insider and obsessive, not afraid to pay for products that work 3 an attractive gal with a trial and error approach and a kiss and tell attitude with the beauty industry.

Joy Scott – Head honcho.

A fashion and beauty journo, Joy founded Beauty Guerrillas because she was sick of spending her hard earned cash on products that didn’t work. Joy practically eats lipgloss for breakfast and spends hours everyday drooling over the latest beauty treats. She owns buckets of cosmetics but refuses to throw any of it away. Let’s face it, she has a real problem, but as long as she shares her findings we won’t hold it against her.

Joy’s top beauty tip; after applying mascara to the top lashes, slide layers over the outside corner of the lower lashes. It really opens the eyes up but in a very subtle way.

Laura Wheat – Contributor

Fashion obsessive and freelance journalist, Laura can never get her paws on enough beauty products. With an ‘overflow’ box under her bed and enough face creams to wallpaper the hall, she seriously needs to consider a cosmetics cull. Daily microfoliating her way through multiple pots of Dermalogica a year, she raves about non-abrasive exfoliants and Clinique’s Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief moisturiser. When Laura’s not got her nose in a make-up bag she’s reading up on celebrity trends and squirreling away ideas for articles.

Laura’s make-up must-have: Dallas powder by Benefit. The perfect cross between bronzer and blush, this powder gives just-been-to-the gym freshness that’s more convincing than walking around town in your tracksuit!