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Simple Pleasures

Sometimes all you want is a product that smells good and does what it says it will. Ruby Red Organic Lavender Whipped Shea Butter is one such find. This little pot of love moisturises skin with melting, nourishing shea butter, while delicious, opiatic lavender scents conjure images of summer meadows. Organic, hand made, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly the range make gorgeous gifts. The spongy mouse texture adds to the tactile, sensory appeal. Make sure you keep it at room temperature to really get a thrill on application.

By Laura


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Soft Focus

NuBo Voile is the latest breed of skincare/makeup hybrid. This luscious scented cream-gel feel like velvet on the skin and dries to a powdery finish.

Fine lines and imperfections are immediately softened up and the skin is left looking radiant and smooth. With hyaluronic acid NuBo Voile plumps up the skin and works long-term to hydrate and fight ageing.

If you have pimples then you’ll need to wear foundation on top of it, but if you just need a bit of extra help then this could be everything you are hoping for.

It’s available in a range of shades and there’s also a transparent version; £40 from Harrods.

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Feed Your Skin

I’ve recently been introduced to Skinfood – a range of unisex skincare from New Zealand. The collection of moisturisers, exfoliant, cleansers, masque and shaving gel are natural and based with coconut palm.

The Skinfood concept is to provide skincare which is suitable for the entire family and uses ingredients like orange, lavender and tea tree which are in abundance in and around New Zealand.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out both the Nourishing Moisturiser and Exfoliating Scrub.

The Nourishing Moisturiser is formulated for dry skin and is quite heavy so avoid it if you have oily skin. I’ve been using it when I know that I’m going to be spending a lot of time outside in the cold and want to give skin extra protection, or at night alone.

I’m a bigger fan of the Exfoliating Scrub which is a gentle grainy cream that delicately buffs the skin by removing those niggling dead skin cells. It leaves my skin so incredibly smooth and bestows a healthy shimmer on my complexion.

I love how this range is so simple and kind to skin. I don’t feel like it will work wonders on problem skin but if you’re skin is in pretty good shape already and just needs a bit of tender loving care I think it would be ideal.

Available from Tesco.

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Inside Out

If your New Year Resolution is to take care of your skin inside and out, you may well be considering taking a supplement to help you along the way.

Probably the most well known brand of skin supplement is Imedeen. They have tablets for all eventualities whether it is prolonging your tan or tackling wrinkles.

For the last month I have been using Imedeen Derma One which combats the first signs of aging. Each supplement contains a marine complex (fish proteins and polysaccharides), the antioxidant vitamin C and zinc which is essential for skin cell renewal.

Despite having just tried these supplements for a month I am already starting to see a difference. My skin seems to glow that little bit more and I’ve also found that it heals faster when I get a spot.

The best thing about taking a supplement of course is that you can see the difference on your entire body. I’ve had stubborn dry patches on my arms for years and, despite the mixture of extreme cold air and high central heating, my arms are smooth and soft.

Perhaps it’s some sort of placebo affect but I’m impressed and recommend Derma One for anyone in their mid to late twenties who would like to slow down the aging process without resorting to harsh creams. It works… enough said.

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Divine Intervention

My skin has been giving me trouble lately. It’s  so arid and tight that it could crack at any moment. I can thank the freezing cold temperatures for that. So I was chuffed to bits when Divine Cream from Heaven by Deborah Mitchell landed on my desk.

This peachy coloured moisturiser can be used on the face and body. Initially I thought it would feel too rich for my complexion despite the dryness of my forehead… body moisturisers tend not to translate well onto more sensitive faces.

I was pleasantly surprised though and my parched skin soaked it up with pleasure. It left no sticky or slimy feeling at all.

This lovely cream makes my skin look miraculously fresher, brighter and that little bit happier. it’s all organic and contains face saving ingredients like witch hazel and lavender essential oil which is great for my blemish prone skin. Divine indeed.

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Not Quite Right

How much do I love the Zelens Skin Science packaging? The green glass, silver and black makes me want to decorate the bathroom so it’ll match the range. It is pretty but modern; just lush.

I’ve been testing the Advanced Luminescence Serum which claims to reduce the appearance of dark spots and prevent discolouration, brighten and even skin tone, refine texture and ‘enhance vitality’ (whatever that means??).

I do like this serum as it does seem to be lightening my acne scars very slightly and slowly. It is fair to say that it works, though I’m not sure it would do much more than a really fantastic exfoliator.

My gripe with the product is it’s cost. If you read BG regularly then you’ll know that I am not adverse to recommending expensive products if I think they are well worth the money. Whilst Zelens does the trick I am need to use quite a bit of it to get an even spread across my face. This means that after little over a week I am a quarter of the way through the bottle.

At £85 a bottle, I think it is just too much for me to justify spending that much every month. If Zelens manage to get a more liquid consistency which can be spread more easily, or if they lower the price, then I would be giving this a big thumbs up. I suppose it’s the price you pay for beautiful packaging…

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SOS – Save Our Skin

Once upon a time a girl had a date. She also had a cold. The two don’t exactly go together. We all know the pain of a red, flaky nose: makeup only emphasises the problem, important social commitments need to be cancelled. With D-day drawing ever nearer and no sign of my cold abating I was getting desperate. I had always dismissed the many celebrities and beauty professionals raving about Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream as mere hype. What makes it so special? Well, since it saved my nose I will endeavour to explain it to you in very real terms.

I applied the cream every time I remembered throughout the day (even when I suspected that my constant nose dabbing was rubbing it off.) Don’t ask me why it works, it just does, and even if your schnozzle isn’t in need of cold proofing I’d recommend stocking up on this cream. It has a multitude of uses and really is an essential to keep in your handbag. When the day of my date arrived my nose was perfectly flake-free; it was still a disaster but at least I looked pretty.

By Laura.

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