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Snake Bite

I have been testing Syence Skin Venom for a while now. The cream mimics snake venom to freeze the skin, erasing muscle memory and thus softening wrinkles.

I so much wanted this product to work miraculously, but I’m a little disappointed. Whilst the lotion seems to have a line-filling effect on immediate application and I can feel that my forehead is a little more relaxed when I use it, the results aren’t enough for me to warrant spending nearly £200 on it.

I still have half a bottle left, so it is lasting me a while and, with continued usage I may notice a bigger difference to my frown lines. ALthough I’m guessing that any effects will soon vanish as soon as I stop using the cream.

All in all I’d say that this is a lot of money for not much wrinkle fading, but it does seem to make a slight change. If the thought of botox makes you sweat but are willing to try almost anything else, then this may be for you.


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Poisoned Pretty

As a consumer there are some products that I wouldn’t really ever want to try. As a Beauty Guerrilla though, things are different. It is my beauty-duty to test everything from scalp treatments to toe nail clippers and everything in between. We let you know the gossip about the treats you have a fancy for and the treasures you are intrigued by.

So, when I heard about Syence Skin Venom I knew that it was my duty to try it out. Yes Skin VENOM. After my wonderful Jurlique experience, where my skin was beautified with organic, natural herbs and flowers, the thought of putting something with the word ‘venom’ in the title makes my heart speed up a little. And not in a good way I might add.

Skin Venom is a face cream which contains an ingredient similar to, yup you guessed it, snake venom. I must stress, it isn’t poisonous or toxic; I would (possibly) draw the line at that. The cream uses this technology to relax the muscles and, eventually, erase muscle memory. What this means is the skin creases in new ways when you form facial expressions, so creases aren’t repeatedly made in the same place; forming wrinkles.

OK, I’m not exactly an old fogey but the wrinkles that have appeared over the last year across my forehead really shouldn’t be there. I don’t know why they are there; I don’t smoke, I only drink occasionally and I don’t succumb to sun damage. So, these little lines really so annoy the hell out of me.

The first couple of applications do seem to immediately soften wrinkles, like a line-filling moisturiser. It’ll take a couple of weeks until I start seeing any freezing of my forehead, so check back for a full review.

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