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A Cleaner, Karma You

The fashion industry has been riding high on a tide of diffusion lines for some time now; Kate Moss for Topshop, Giles Deacon for New Look, even Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field has designed an up-and-coming range for Marks & Spencer. It’s about time the beauty bods caught up with the trend for all things high street. Hooray then for the new Good Works range: 18 products priced from £6 to £12, which promise to bring affordable, quality aromatherapy to the mass market.

As former beauty director of Vogue magazine, Kathy Phillips, used her considerable insider knowledge and commercial clout to found her original range, This Works, in 2004. With products carefully crafted to combine pampering and practicality, the range uses only ‘therapeutic standard’ aromatherapy oils at levels that promise real benefits. However, quality comes at a cost, with many prices hovering around the £30 mark. In association with Boots, the new Good Works range offers an affordable alternative. There’s also a philanthropic edge, with £2 from each £8 bottle of Good Karma Shower Gel going towards Kids Company, which offers support to at-risk children in Britain.

What’s the verdict then? Well, being a charitable sort, I plumped for the shower gel. The delicious infusion of rose, cedarwood and jasmine immediately calms my tired body and busy mind. The gel has a thin consistency but lathers well and leaves skin feeling squeaky-clean but without the drying effect brought on by harsh detergents in some shower gels. Top marks. The whole range is also on offer at Boots at the moment, with a third off normal prices. Go on, treat yourself!

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Body Blitz

It is a sad fact of life that spots don’t just appear on the face. The body can suffer too. Australian Bodycare contains tea tree oil, with antibacterial properties, to clear up blemishes on the body.

Lately, I’ve been using the Skin Wash, which smells to refreshingly zingy it always wakes me up in the morning. With it’s antiseptic properties, the skin wash not only dissolves dirt and clears blocked pores but destroys spot-causing bacteria.

I was initially worried that the wash would dry out my skin, but my body feels soft and it loks bright, fresh and clear. I can’t praise it enough.

Don’t forget that you can win an Australian Bodycare Travel Set from Beauty Counter Direct by commenting on any ‘Blemish busting Month’ post (just look for the tag) with your tip for zapping zits, or e-mailing editor@beautyguerrillas.com if you’re shy.

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In the Buff

There’s only one word to describe the new Pure Cashmere Shower Scrub from Palmolive; ‘saviour‘.

I’ve really been struggling to shed my dull, winter skin and rough patches, but in one use of this creamy white scrub my skin is smooth and glowing. The shower scrub is quite thick and makes a lovely velvety lather, whilst the little pearls inside buff you to perfection. My hero!

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