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Smooth Criminal

I just had to tell you all about Smooth-365 because well, it is fabulouso. This lightweight serum smoothes away dry, rough skin whilst magically toning down the look of wrinkles and blemishes.

What I really love about this serum is it has quick fix results – the first application saw my skin turn from drab to glowing; it was as if someone had put a soft focus on my face. Spots, scars and creases seemed somehow less noticeable and my skin looked the healthiest it has been for years.

The serum is oil free and has a lovely velvet texture which makes the skin feel ultra smooth and sleek. It is not all about living in the moment though. With continued use the peptides housed within the gloop go to work; collagen production is pumped up and wrinkles are lessened.

 This will make a great primer for make-up as not only does it give a fresh and flawless base but it binds moisture to the skin so foundation glides on and stays put.

Get it now for an even complexion by New Year. Use it before parties for foundation staying power!


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The Best Insurance

Written by Lindsay: I’ve tried face primers, lip primers and eyelash primers but my holy grail of priming is the eye shadow primer… okay I know it doesn’t seem like a very useful product, but in hot weather I’m lucky if my eye makeup stays on till lunch, and that’s without taking the sweat inducing central line every morning! Luckily creasing and smears are a thing of the past, as I’ve discovered Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance, which is truly a wonder product. Excelling where others have failed (Urban Decay’s doesn’t even come close!) this has an ultra-light, creamy texture and once applied to the eye area, it just doesn’t budge, even making my beloved MAC eye shadows and liquid liners appear more vibrant. I’ve even worn it with no eye make-up in the past, as the gentle silicone-based formulae evens skin tone perfectly.

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