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A Lemon Love Affair

By Naomi

This week I’ve been writing about banishing the winter blues and have stumbled across some of the most gorgeous citrus scents known to womankind. I think it’s only fair to share. So, here’s my lowdown of some of these fabulous zesty zingy pongs…

Top of the tree is Dior’s new Escale a Portofino (£40 for 75ml) which is available this month. Inspired by the village of Portofino on the Italian Riviera it’s a beautiful fresh citrus scent that’s so lovely it makes me want to go on spritzing and spritzing. Which is fortunate because whilst it smells divine it doesn’t have the best staying power. In this case, it’s such a fresh scent and re-spraying is such a pleasure that I really don’t mind. The glass bottle is sophisticated – basically it’s happiness and summer in EDT form.

Meanwhile, there’s erstwhile favourite Annick Goutal’s Eau D’Hadrien (£57.50 for 100ml). What can I say? This baby is foolproof. Whenever I wear it people ask what I’m wearing. It’s crisp, clean and utterly refreshing. And because it’s Eau de Parfum it lasts a while too. When we’re having a hot spell (which could possibly happen in the next 200 years) it’s a great one to keep in the fridge – applied cool it’s gorgeously refreshing.

Last but not least is L’Occitane’s Citrus Verbena, (£11.50 for 20ml), which launched in July. Now, this is certainly not one for the fainthearted. Short of rubbing lemon slices on your wrist you won’t find anything more lemony in the world. However, it’s an olfactory assault with style and vitality and teamed with the body cream it’s surprisingly lovely.

Also hitting my citrus radar this season is DKNY’s new WOMEN EDP, (£35 for 100ml), which is available from this month. It’s got juicy splashes of grapefruit mixed with fig teamed with some more floral and spicy notes. It’s modern and crisp and the kind of scent you can wear pretty much everywhere.


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The Scent of Fashion

I do love John Galliano. What an interesting fellow he is, a complex blend of distinction and eccentricity… much like his new perfume then.

Floral, sweet and light, the perfume, entitled simply ‘John Galliano’, is reminiscent of fresh linen and home baking. It is nostalgic, yet it isn’t old fashioned. It’s rich without being heavy. It is bold but not overpowering.

It is clear from first whiff that this perfume has many levels to it and a great deal of work has gone in to making it ‘just so’. Notes include lavender, bergamot (which gives it a punchy lift), amber, rose, violet and warming cedar.

The bottle is a wonder to behold. Designed by by Joël Desgrippes it resembles one of Galliano’s couture creations, influenced by 19th century draping and the artist Boldini’s strokes of paint it is a treasure. It almost makes me want to design perfume bottles for a living!

Prices start at £42 from Harrods and I’m certain this is one perfume set to become a big hit. Get it before everyone is wearing it!


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Good Cause

If you have been waiting for an excuse to buy yourself a treat from Jo Malone then your time has come. The new White Tie and Tiara limited edition fragrance not only supports the Elton John AIDS Foundation, it smells divine. Rose, orange blossom and jasmine make for an English country garden aroma whilst lime and orange mingle with woody tones for more depth.

Named after Elton’s annual ball, the fragrance certainly evokes images of ‘the other half’ enjoying a decadent garden party on a balmy summer night.

It may seem pricey at £75.00, but all the profits (after tax) from the sale of White Tie and Tiara go to the Elton John AIDS Foundation. What better excuse to treat yourself?

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Adorable Aroma

I have two favourite perfumes at the moment. One of which, my Paul smith Rose, has almost run out. The second is my beloved Narciso Rodriguez for her.

Ahhh how I love my Narciso. It is such a powerfully femine scent but it has no whiff of girlyness, it is 100 percent a fragrance for women. Grown up, glamourous and sensual, the perfume is made up of woody tones, honey flower and amber. When I spray it on I feel like me but better, just as a pair of high heels or the perfect little black dress can boost your confidence (and your ego!), so does this perfume.

I opt for the eau de toillette, it seems fresher and cleaner than the perfume and I much prefer it. The big, shiny, black bottle with small pink writing stands proudly on my desk. I am, without a doubt, a beauty show off.

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