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Give it some Lip

OK, I admit it. I hadn’t heard of ArtDeco cosmetics until a few days ago, but this great makeup brand is something of a hit in professional circles and was previously only available to makeup-artists in the UK.

Thanks to the launch of new website catwalkbeautysecrets.com all us regular folk can now get our hands on the products.

I’ve been road-testing some of the lip products and I’m fairly impressed; I’ll certainly continue to use them.

First up we have the Natural Lip Corrector. This is a skin tone shaded lip pencil which you apply to the outside lip line. The pencil corrects any littleĀ  irregularities that you may have and creates a picture perfect shape to the pout in the process. It also works to stop lipsticks bleeding or feathering – bonus!

Next I tried the Hot Chilli Lip Booster, which does exactly what it says on the tin. Using spicy ingredients to essentially irritate the lips into swelling, the lip gloss plumps up your pout and gives it that bee stung look. If you have sensitive lips then I don’t recommend it as it does have a bit of a sting to it but if you can brave that zing then you’ll be pleased with the results. The addition of sparkling glitter gives the lips and even plumper look.

Finally, there’s my favourite product – the Magic Fix. This clear liquid is brushed on to lips after applying lipstick and it seals the colour incredibly well. I could drink and eat without my lippy smudging or shifting. This is something that I will use religiously before nights out, when I am always too lazy to reapply my lipstick. I can almost convince myself that it’s an investment too – think of how much longer your lippy will last without the need to keep slapping it on every five minutes!

All in all I think this is a good little range and catwalkbeautysecrets.com is a fab website with a small but perfectly formed, well though out collection of beauty goodies.


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