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SOS – Save Our Skin

Once upon a time a girl had a date. She also had a cold. The two don’t exactly go together. We all know the pain of a red, flaky nose: makeup only emphasises the problem, important social commitments need to be cancelled. With D-day drawing ever nearer and no sign of my cold abating I was getting desperate. I had always dismissed the many celebrities and beauty professionals raving about Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream as mere hype. What makes it so special? Well, since it saved my nose I will endeavour to explain it to you in very real terms.

I applied the cream every time I remembered throughout the day (even when I suspected that my constant nose dabbing was rubbing it off.) Don’t ask me why it works, it just does, and even if your schnozzle isn’t in need of cold proofing I’d recommend stocking up on this cream. It has a multitude of uses and really is an essential to keep in your handbag. When the day of my date arrived my nose was perfectly flake-free; it was still a disaster but at least I looked pretty.

By Laura.


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Glam It Up

Oh my, how I love Rodial products. After my experience with Glamotox Night I decided that I had to try some more of their products, so I dropped a line to the pr and asked her to send me a couple of things… all in the name of research you understand.

The next day I found myself in possession of two shiny new Rodail skin care products. The first of which was Glam Balm.

To sum Glam Balm up in word word I would have to call it ‘versatile’. At first I wasn’t really sure what to do with it; it calls itself an anti-ageing treatment for face, lips, neck and hands. I decided to take the softly, softly approach and dabbed a bit on my lips. Now, a little of this rich and thick product goes a long, long way. So, I ended up with more balm than I needed which I decided to rub into my dried up hands. Hmmm, not half bad. My lips felt super soft and looked pink and healthy. My hands were, admittedly, slippery at first but once the product seeped in they felt revived.

The next day I was due to pop out for a drink with a bunch of people I don’t know too well. I wanted to look my best and, after sitting in front of a computer screen all day, I felt like that wasn’t going to happen without some serious time being spent on beautifying. Time I didnt have.

Lucky for me that Glam Balm doubles up as a rejuvinating mask. I spread a thin layer of the white balm across my face and lips, relaxed for 10 minutes and washed it away with warm water and a face cloth.

The difference was remarkable, my skin looked so healthy and happy that I didn’t need much make-up and my confidence rocketed. This is the ultimate pre-party pick me up. My only problem now is that next time I’ll have to shell out the £62.00. For perfect party skin, I can cope with that.

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