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Lash Out

Lashes of lashes are what makes me smile. My eyes are my main facial feature and I like to make the most of them. They need to be defined and with deep, dark and curled lashes. Otherwise I look googly eyed thanks to my own naturally super straight eye lashes.

So far, my favourite mascara has always been Dior Backstage Black Out, now though I have stepped it up a notch and had an upgrade. Dior Iconic is my new must-have mascara, it lengthens, it separates and it curls like crazy; there’s no need for me to get the eyelash curlers out. That same sweep of curl stays put till I take the mascara off too, which makes it even better.

It’s not cheap at £19.50, but if long and luscious eyelashes are a big deal to you, then you’ll find it worth digging a little deeper.


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Turbo Gear

Holy smokes! I’m totally flabbergasted after trying Estee Lauder Turbo Lash All Effects Motion Mascara (say that after a cocktail or two!).

This innvovative new product is a vibrating mascara – I’ve been a bit slow to jump on this bandwagon but I’m finally there and very impressed. It’s really easy to apply; there’s no need to worry about poking yourself in the eye because of the vibrations… you can hardly even see the wand move.

Just one sweep of the brush and lashes are thicker, longer and have a lovely curl. I’ve always been a big fan of Dior Black Out mascara, but I think I have a new favourite now. I’ve never seen my lashes so transformed and fluttery. The motion of the wans also means that you can apply a good few layers and it just doesn’t clump.

Get it now in time for valentines day dates and bat those eyelashes all night long.

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Baby Blues

One of my favourite budget beauty buys is Collection 2000 Colour Lash Mascara in ‘electric blue’. The bright neon blue creates a bold shock of colour and is perfect for days where you fancy doing something different with your eye make-up or don’t want to wear eyeshadow. The formula last for ages and I’ve never had problems with smudging or flaking. The electric hue is matched with fantastic length. A great piece of summer kit for the change in your purse.

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Quick Tip

To open up the eyes, apply mascara all along the top lashes and the outside corner of the lower lashes. It’ll give you a doe-eyed, sweetheart look and you’ll seem more approachable.

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Eye-Wateringly Good

Lately, my eyelashes have been more than a little annoying. Normally short, stubby little things (which also annoyed me) they have suddenly decided to have a bit of a growth spurt. But not just any old growth spurt, oh no. It’s only the eyelashes on the outer corner of my eyes that are getting longer. Oh and they don’t seem to be curling, instead they are stick straight.

I realise that this is hardly life-threatening, but you have to understand that they keep getting stuck to my lower lashes and I can constantly feel them all getting entwined. What I really ought to do is curl them, but I worry that too much clamping with those scary contraptions isn’t a good idea.

I decided that a curling mascara was the way forward and hop, skipped and jumped my way down to Boots for the wonderfully extensive mascara brand, Lancome. Feeling more than a little confused by the french names, I eventually opted for Virtuose. The curved wand appealled to me, I suppose I thought a curl in the brush equals a curl in the lashes.

When I got home I immediately removed my old mascara and swept the Virtuose through my lashes. Well, what can I say. This a great mascara. The colour is deep, my lashes look longer, thicker and natural. As for the curl, it is there but only just. I’m still getting upper and lower lashes in a tangle.

Virtuose does, however, hold a pre-fashioned curl incredibly well. A quick clamp of my Boots-own eyelash curlers and a few coats of this and my eyes look more open and my face more awake.

I might not be able to put the curlers down just yet, but until a wonder mascara lands at me feet I am more than happy.


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