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Going Going Gone

Attention fellow make-up magpies! Lancôme’s big spring success story is the Pink Irreverence range; a beguiling clash of girlie pink set against hard, treacly black. So shockingly coloured are the glosses and varnishes, they make me want to sit cross-legged, smearing goo on my face like a lunatic child with her mother’s make-up bag. The Le Vernis nail varnish in Piha Black is a standout product for its dense coverage and shimmery, rock-hard finish. The Laque Fever lipglosses are formulated in a unique new finish that is shiny as vinyl but doesn’t rub off or disappear after a couple of happy hour mojitos. Some of the products have already sold out, so if you spot a lingering one-off on a beauty hall counter, be sure to snap it up!


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A New Face

I’ve been happily using New ID Cosmetics for a while now, so it’s about time I posted a review of this fantastic brand.

Initially, I felt a little underwhelmed with the products. Going on looks alone, the white and slightly clunky packaging looks a little cheap. That said, As soon as I started using the products I was converted.

I tested the i-glow in siricco; a golden shimmer powder, and i-smoulder, a smudgy smokey eye pencil.

Let’s start off with the i-glow. Crikey I love this stuff, it makes my face shimmery and highlighted and I can tell it’s going to last for bloomin’ ages. The golden shimmer works amazingly well with a tan, but I also wear it under foundation for a brightening pick me up. The only problem I have with it is the product fall out. I recently swept the powder across my cheekbones whilst wearing a black dress, only to find I was laced in golden glittery powder. So you have been warned! Some may find the i-glow a little too glittery, but use it sparingly or under foundations and I reckon you’ll love it as much as me.

The i-smoulder is also a lovely product and one which I have frequently been using. The charcoal shade is a dark grey more than a black and is a softer alternative to heavy black liner, but equally rock and roll. On one end of the pencil you’ll find a liner and on the other you get a cream shadow. I absolutely recommend applying a flesh-coloured shadow to the lid before applying i-smoulder; it’ll stop it shifting too much as it is a very smudgy product.

I’m looking forward to perhaps treating myself to more products from New ID Cosmetics – the only question is, which ones??

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Soft Focus

NuBo Voile is the latest breed of skincare/makeup hybrid. This luscious scented cream-gel feel like velvet on the skin and dries to a powdery finish.

Fine lines and imperfections are immediately softened up and the skin is left looking radiant and smooth. With hyaluronic acid NuBo Voile plumps up the skin and works long-term to hydrate and fight ageing.

If you have pimples then you’ll need to wear foundation on top of it, but if you just need a bit of extra help then this could be everything you are hoping for.

It’s available in a range of shades and there’s also a transparent version; £40 from Harrods.

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