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Stuck Up

I’m really not enjoying these Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolors. The liquid lippy is supposed to be the new big thing in long lasting make-up and yes, it does last a long time that’s true.

But for me, it still gives that flat, dull appearance of pretty much all the lip products of the same genre. Plus, it is somehow extremely drying and simultaneously sticky.

Used with an extra layer of lip-gloss or balm it is improved ten fold and I have to admit it stayed in place for about 6 hours today. Generally though, I’m not a fan and I’ll be passing my set on to a more loving owner.



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Lipstick Love

I’m definitely having a bit of a lipstick fling these days. I’ve always been more of a balm or gloss girl but lippy is certainly my new love – maybe it’s a sign I’m growing up?

I’ve wanted to try the MyFace range of cosmetics for a while now. They’re created by one of my all time favourite make-up artists, Charlotte Tilbury, and are split into three section for fair, medium or dark skincare.

Over the past week I’ve been testing out the Gigabite Lipsticks in Fair. The formulas pack a punch of colour, are really smooth and moisturising and have a slightly glossy sheen to them.

Whilst matte lipsticks are all the range at the moment I find these moisturising formulas so much more flattering and they don’t leave me cracking up.

My favourite colour is Cherry Bomb; a bright pop of red which matches my skin tone perfectly. It’s ever so glamourpuss and a great shade for night time.

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Lady in Red

This month, I’m on the hunt for the perfect red lip stick.

I adore vibrant red lips but the look is as high maintenance as you can get. I want a lipstick that has deeply pigmented colour, won’t end up all over my mouth, has staying power and doesn’t dry my lips out. Is that so much to ask?

The first contender, from Afterglow, sets the bar high for the rest of our participants. The Organic Lip Love Lipstick (£18.00) is, as the name suggests, made from organic ingredients. You won’t find carmine, FD&C/Lake dyes and petro-chemicals in these bullets, making the lippy soft and incredibly moisturising. This lipstick will not dry your lips out – ever! When I first slid it on I was pleasantly surprised by the hydrating properties but thought that it would end up sliding all over the place and any colour would disappear in minutes.

Thankfully, I was wrong. I don’t know how Afterglow managed it but the colour lasts for ages and stays put.

My colour of choice is ‘Courage’ a deep, bold and sophisticated red which has a privileged spot in my handbag.

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Shining Light

Written by Lindsay: As I suffer from dry lips, I have a preference for shiny, shimmery, barely-there lipsticks. And although I’m a long-time devotee of Mac Slimshine, and Stila’s High Shine Lip Colour, I think I’ve just found a new favourite. Shu Uemura’s new Rouge Unlimited Crystal Shine is super-lightly textured, sheer lip colour with tiny and subtle shimmery particles that reflect the light (no nasty frosted effects here!) For a highly pigmented colour, the lipsticks are surprisingly hydrating and with 17 colours there’s sure to be one to suit you!

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Pink to Make the Boys Wink

Last year, the ‘it colour’ for lips was bright, hot, neon pink. As soon as I saw Agyness Deyn on the cover of June’s Vogue sporting a sour-strawberry shade on her pucker I was sold. I dutifully flicked the page, scrolled my eye down to the cover info and found the culprit; Christian Dior Rouge Dior lipstick in Diorlywood Pink. Adorable yet sexy, flirtatious with attitude… yes, this was my lippy of choice for Summer 2007.

I probably wore the bright, juicy pink shade twice that summer. No, not because there is anything wrong with it. It was simply because the hue is unmistakably summery and sunny, and the dismal Indian summer that I experienced was no place for electric pink pouts. Especially in grey Newcastle where I spent the drizzly Summer of ’07.
As the weather slowly but surely begins to warm up, in my new city of London at least, I remembered my beloved fuchsia lippy. A bit of digging around in make-up bags, drawers and handbags and I was once again holding the shiny blue and black tube in my hands.

I pop off the top and twirl the waxy stick up… crikey, it sure is bold. Sweeping the colour over my lips I remember why I adored this hue so much. It is vibrant and daring but undeniably attractive, and the formula itself is soft without being slippery.

Let’s just hope the weather holds out…

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