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Give Him Lip

We’ve got a couple of lip balm and lipstick reviews coming in the run up to Valentine’s Day, so you can get your kisser in top condition.

I’m generally not a fan of  lip balms. When I find one I like I love it to bits and use every last drop, but for each one I use up I have 10 hardly touched sticks and tubs which have left me unimpressed.

My favourite right now is Darphin Age-Defying Lip Balm. The solid yellow balm immediately turns soft and silky when I dip my finger in the pot; it glides onto lips.

My lips are immediately comforted and feel so soft and plump. My dry pucker was cracking and just plain nasty but, with slathering this on at every opportunity, they are now transformed.

I love the fact that it has a slightly glossy finish to it too. My lips have a pretty sheen which means I don’t need to apply a gloss or any lippy to finish off my look.

Just fab. It’s my latest beauty addiction.


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Tender Loving Care

So many lip balms don’t have an SPF. WHY? Lip balms are there to care for the delicate skin which surrounds the mouth, so the thought that they might not protect against sun damage amazes me.

Huurah for MAC, my all time favourite brand. Finally the ‘Tendertones‘ have been released. Tubs of glossy balm is sweet-shop hues which smell good enough to eat. And yes. They have SPF 12.

My favourite, which has a permanent home in my handbag, is ‘pucker’, a light and fruity pink. The colour is subtle, the result is silky shine and the tender loving care is a winner.

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Carmex to your Senses

I have a filthy habit. I bite my lip. No I don’t mean in a kinky, sexy way. I mean I feel flakes of skin on my top lip and I bite them off. It is truly vile and I apologize.

As a result my lips are nearly always in a bit of a state. I have searched high and low for the perfect lip balm, from all price ranges, but I always come back to the same one. Carmex. Not the Carmex in the waxy stick, nor the little pot – it has to be in the tube.

Ok, maybe I’m acting a little crazy. I just find the stick doesn’t feel like it is sinking into my lips enough and I hate trying to get the remnants of balm from the bottom of a tiny tun (it goes up my finger nails). The tube, on the other hand, dispenses the formula in just the right consisency, with no mess.

Carmex is something of an acquired taste, the camphor and menthol can be a bit too much for first time users. For me though, it’s worth it. The addition of salicylic acid means that lips are exfoliated to smooth perfection… and I have nothing to bite.

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