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Going Going Gone

Attention fellow make-up magpies! Lancôme’s big spring success story is the Pink Irreverence range; a beguiling clash of girlie pink set against hard, treacly black. So shockingly coloured are the glosses and varnishes, they make me want to sit cross-legged, smearing goo on my face like a lunatic child with her mother’s make-up bag. The Le Vernis nail varnish in Piha Black is a standout product for its dense coverage and shimmery, rock-hard finish. The Laque Fever lipglosses are formulated in a unique new finish that is shiny as vinyl but doesn’t rub off or disappear after a couple of happy hour mojitos. Some of the products have already sold out, so if you spot a lingering one-off on a beauty hall counter, be sure to snap it up!


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Glow Get It

Holidays generally require a makeup rethink: what works in an artificially lit office doesn’t always suit a balmy evening spent sipping pina coladas. I wear less makeup when I’m abroad, focusing instead on healthy-looking skin and a hint of shimmer. Loading my face daily with SPF 30 also means that any kind of tan is slow to materialise. Star Bronzer Bronzing Highlighter by Lancome promised to inject some glow into my pasty pallor.

Squeeze the pump applicator and a satisfying dollop of molten bronze appears, which you can then apply wherever you see fit. I smoothed the highlighter over my forehead, temples, down the bridge of my nose and onto my cheekbones – this resulted in a gorgeous burnished effect that was natural, lustrous and not at all sparkly. You could even mix it with a bit of foundation if you wanted a subtle all-over radiance.

Happily, this is one product I’ll still be using long after my tan has faded, performing as it did the miracle task of turning my wan skin a gorgeous golden colour.

By Laura.

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Eye-Wateringly Good

Lately, my eyelashes have been more than a little annoying. Normally short, stubby little things (which also annoyed me) they have suddenly decided to have a bit of a growth spurt. But not just any old growth spurt, oh no. It’s only the eyelashes on the outer corner of my eyes that are getting longer. Oh and they don’t seem to be curling, instead they are stick straight.

I realise that this is hardly life-threatening, but you have to understand that they keep getting stuck to my lower lashes and I can constantly feel them all getting entwined. What I really ought to do is curl them, but I worry that too much clamping with those scary contraptions isn’t a good idea.

I decided that a curling mascara was the way forward and hop, skipped and jumped my way down to Boots for the wonderfully extensive mascara brand, Lancome. Feeling more than a little confused by the french names, I eventually opted for Virtuose. The curved wand appealled to me, I suppose I thought a curl in the brush equals a curl in the lashes.

When I got home I immediately removed my old mascara and swept the Virtuose through my lashes. Well, what can I say. This a great mascara. The colour is deep, my lashes look longer, thicker and natural. As for the curl, it is there but only just. I’m still getting upper and lower lashes in a tangle.

Virtuose does, however, hold a pre-fashioned curl incredibly well. A quick clamp of my Boots-own eyelash curlers and a few coats of this and my eyes look more open and my face more awake.

I might not be able to put the curlers down just yet, but until a wonder mascara lands at me feet I am more than happy.


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