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A New Face

I’ve been happily using New ID Cosmetics for a while now, so it’s about time I posted a review of this fantastic brand.

Initially, I felt a little underwhelmed with the products. Going on looks alone, the white and slightly clunky packaging looks a little cheap. That said, As soon as I started using the products I was converted.

I tested the i-glow in siricco; a golden shimmer powder, and i-smoulder, a smudgy smokey eye pencil.

Let’s start off with the i-glow. Crikey I love this stuff, it makes my face shimmery and highlighted and I can tell it’s going to last for bloomin’ ages. The golden shimmer works amazingly well with a tan, but I also wear it under foundation for a brightening pick me up. The only problem I have with it is the product fall out. I recently swept the powder across my cheekbones whilst wearing a black dress, only to find I was laced in golden glittery powder. So you have been warned! Some may find the i-glow a little too glittery, but use it sparingly or under foundations and I reckon you’ll love it as much as me.

The i-smoulder is also a lovely product and one which I have frequently been using. The charcoal shade is a dark grey more than a black and is a softer alternative to heavy black liner, but equally rock and roll. On one end of the pencil you’ll find a liner and on the other you get a cream shadow. I absolutely recommend applying a flesh-coloured shadow to the lid before applying i-smoulder; it’ll stop it shifting too much as it is a very smudgy product.

I’m looking forward to perhaps treating myself to more products from New ID Cosmetics – the only question is, which ones??


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Dizzy Heights

One product I buy again and again is High Beam from Benefit. A shimmery pink highlighter in a bottle similair to nail varnish (with its own little brush) this creamy liquid blends easily onto cheekbones, browbones, and cupids bows to make them pop with prettiness.

It is ideal for summer and holidays as it makes skin look dewy without looking shiny and it isn’t too glitter-girl. The effect is a satin-like sheen which turns the whole face more youthful and radiant, It also lasts a hell of a long time, usually over a year, which makes this darling little pot a bargain at £15.50.

If you want to make your whole face shimmer then mix it with your moisturiser or foundation. If you’d like to give the illusion of fuller lips then blend it along the cupids bow and the middle of your lower lip.


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Girl with the Golden Touch

A couple of weeks ago, on the truly fabulous TV show ‘How to Look Good Naked’ (we love you Gok!), the army of naked testers did tested under eye concealers and highlighters. Each week they do these trials and pick which product is best. On this under-eye installment, one such highlighter was YSL Touche Eclat (£22.50).

“Touche Eclat will win” I proudly announced with a knowing smile, “I would bet a million quid that it’ll destroy the other options”.

For anyone who has tried Touche Eclat you will, most likely, understand my smugness. The golden tube is a mircale in pen-form. It highlights the bits you want to pronounce, such as brow bones and the cupid’s bow, and masks the bits you’d rather hide, such us dark circles.

To really do the job on dark circles don’t apply the pinkish yellow cream in the hollows themselves. Instead, pat the highlighter just under them, almost onto the cheek. This means that light will bounce off this area and do wonders for dark or bluish sockets!

Of course, I was right (gloat), YSL was top of the charts. So if you’re wondering whether you should treat yourself, the answer is yes. It’s the only beauty product I repeatedly buy without hesitation. Once you’ve got it in your make-up bag you’ll be wondering how you ever lived without it.

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