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Hair Hero

OK, so if you are a regular reader you probably know that despite my addiction to make-up and skincare, haircare is never at the top of my list of grooming essentials. However, I am making an effort to change this and I’ve had a little help from Sebastian Professional Products, which are DIVINE!

I’ve been dutifully trying two products, the Thickefy Foam (love that name!) and the Trilliant Spray.

Sound great don’t they? Well they are!! First up the Thickefy Foam – this is a wonderful mousse which quite simply makes my flat hair bouncy, thick and weightless. There’s nothing more I can say about it… it just works.

The Trillaint spray is a thermal protector; something which always seemed a bit boring to me, albeit it necessary. Well, this really jazzes up the mundane as it has tiny particles of shimmer in the liquid which make the hair so fantastically shiny and sparkling – though not in the slightest bit glittery; which is great seeing as I’m no longer 16 years old.

I also had Whipped Creme to try which works to create bouncy waves and curls. Seeing as my hair is straight as a board I handed this to my mum. Well, she is a fan of Sebastian Professional Products too now and was delighted with the results it gave her. Not only did her thick blonde waves look light and healthy, they felt incredibly soft – hardly like there was product on them at all.

There are loads of products in the range to try, so if you pick any up then do share your results with us all.


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Something Kinda Ooooh

Hands up if you like Cheryl Cole? Hands up if her shiny, swingy mane makes you want to have big hair too? Hands up if you’re embarrassed about putting your hands up in response to the previous two questions? Ahem. Me too, but it’s true. I’ve taught myself how to backcomb without creating a bird’s nest on my head. I sometimes use volumising shampoo. But the crucial ingredient you need to get Cheryl’s big bonce is the right styling lotion.

I’ve recently been experimenting with a couple of gorgeous Frederic Fekkai products. Being too young in the 80’s to sport a perm, I’ve never really bothered much with hair mousse. It always seemed kind of naff and obsolete. MORE All-Day Density Styling Whip is nothing like old fashioned stiff-hair mousses though. Its fluffy formula is designed to thicken each strand of hair, while vitamin-rich ingredients act to support follicle health. Apparently. I’m not sure about the ‘science bit,’ as Jennifer Aniston would say, but I do know my hair became big and bouncy after using it. It makes hair less slippery so it’s easier to style and it smells gorgeous too – mildly coconut, but fresh not sickly. Just finger it through the roots of damp hair and blow dry.

Next up on the Cheryl Cole hair quest: COIFF Bouffant Lifting and Texturising Spray Gel. With the words ‘Coiff’ and ‘Bouffant’ in the name I was already smiling when I took off the lid. This star product can be sprayed onto damp hair at the roots for volume or throughout for texture. It also works wonders to freshen up day-old hair or on dry hair for extra volume and texture. I love that I can go for more volume even once my hair is styled: perfect if I’m backcombing the roots or clipping the front sections back at the crown.

For serious volume try winding sections of your hair up into Velcro rollers: there’s a reason why Coleen et al are pictured wearing theirs around town! My hair still isn’t as big or Barbie-like as Mrs Cole’s but at around £20 for some volumiser, versus hundreds for her hair extensions, at least I can walk tall with some change in my pocket and a bit more bounce to my tresses.


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Big Softy

There’s one shampoo which I come to again and again. These days, with everyone feeling a bit more aware of what they’re spending money on, it’s tempting to choose a cheap, bargain basement shampoo.

Personally, I don’t think this is the way to go. Instead, I’m getting expensive hair cuts less often by using a high quality, moisturising shampoo to keep my locks shiny and healthy.

I love Kerastase Nutritive Bain Satin. It makes my hair so soft and silky and really keeps it in good nick. Meaning that I don’t have to get my hair chopped for much longer than I normally would. At around £11 a bottle I don’t think that’s too shabby.

Crazy girl logic or common sense?!

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Big is Beautiful

My fine hair takes a lot of coaxing into looking good. I envy people who have big, thick, bouncing tresses which swish around with abandon. My hair much prefers the comfort of my scalp and lies as flat to it as humanly possible, slowly getting greasy and gross.

I’ve tried loads of products which claim to turn flat hair voluminous and most of them just weigh down my light locks even more.

Not Tigi Bedhead Superstar Blow Dry Lotion for Thick Massive Hair. Ooooh that sounds so good! I love this styling product and I rarely say that about hair care. I’m generally very blase about that whole area.

So what is so good about it? Well firstly the formula – it is really runny, in fact it is so fluid it’s more like water than some gunky lotion. Anyone who has fine hair will know that the thinner the styling product the better – it’s easier to spread through the hair and wont clog it up and leave greasy patches, yay!

Simply spread it through damp hair and blow dry. If you have flat hair you should ALWAYS use a radial brush to create volume at the root, I swear by it.

The second reason Superstar is so utterly fabulous is because it transforms even my low-lying locks into swooshing tresses. There’s no hint of stickyness, oil, crunch or grease. It’s just my hair but better.

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Bouncy Bouncy

Well I have finally got around to lathering up with Tara Smith’s Big Baby Gentle Shampoo and Conditioner. I have to say, I’m impressed.

The products smell delightfully of lavender, manadarin and chamomile, whilst the protein and aloe vera juice make hair oh so very soft. The baby shampoo works wonders on my fine hair, adding moisture without weighing it down and flattening my hair. The conditioner leaves my battered tresses manageable and strokable, not greasy and dull. Instead I have a bouncing barnet than shimmers in the light and is silky to the touch.

Once you’ve run out, the bottles are fully recyclable. You can even plant the swing tag and, with a bit of TLC, you’ll find yourself with some beautiful wold flowers.

At under a fiver for each 250ml bottle, I’ll be stocking up when the product hits Tesco this October.

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Starry Eyed, Shiny Haired

This week I was positively entranced by all the stars whoappeared at London’s Hempel Hotel for the launch of Tara Smith’s new haircare range. Rosario Dawson (I loved her in Sin City) is a true beauty, inside and out, as I noticed her picking up some rubbish and 2 empty wine glasses from the sun-flooded garden, Natalie Umbruglia was about a foot shorter than I ever thought she was and Yasmin Le Bon really does look like she’s in her twenties. Obviously being a first class celebrity hairstylist means you pick up some A-list mates.

As for the haircare range, well it looks pretty promising. An emotional and nervous Tara told the crowd she treats hair like a plant, it needs to be nourished and cared for from the root up. This philosophy ties through into the products, which are not only good hair food, they contain natural and organic ingredients. Oh and they are all very affordable, with nothing costing more than £4.99.

The collection has a range of moisturising, sensitive, straight and curly products. I’ve got  my mitts on Big Baby Gentle Shampoo and Condiotner for a review, so expect my thoughts on those soon. Already a hit with myself and bloggers nationwide is ‘Base Coat Serum’. It doesn’t weigh down my fine hair or make it greasy, it just makes hair look uber shiny and happy.

Look out for the range in Tesco’s in October.

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