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Hair Hero

OK, so if you are a regular reader you probably know that despite my addiction to make-up and skincare, haircare is never at the top of my list of grooming essentials. However, I am making an effort to change this and I’ve had a little help from Sebastian Professional Products, which are DIVINE!

I’ve been dutifully trying two products, the Thickefy Foam (love that name!) and the Trilliant Spray.

Sound great don’t they? Well they are!! First up the Thickefy Foam – this is a wonderful mousse which quite simply makes my flat hair bouncy, thick and weightless. There’s nothing more I can say about it… it just works.

The Trillaint spray is a thermal protector; something which always seemed a bit boring to me, albeit it necessary. Well, this really jazzes up the mundane as it has tiny particles of shimmer in the liquid which make the hair so fantastically shiny and sparkling – though not in the slightest bit glittery; which is great seeing as I’m no longer 16 years old.

I also had Whipped Creme to try which works to create bouncy waves and curls. Seeing as my hair is straight as a board I handed this to my mum. Well, she is a fan of Sebastian Professional Products too now and was delighted with the results it gave her. Not only did her thick blonde waves look light and healthy, they felt incredibly soft – hardly like there was product on them at all.

There are loads of products in the range to try, so if you pick any up then do share your results with us all.


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Hair Today, Long Tomorrow

I have to hold my hands up here and confess – I am a real hypocrite. Oh yes. I’ve been saying for years and years that hair extensions are a no-go area and, quite frankly, turned my nose up at them.

Well, last week I headed to Connect Hair Systems in Chalk Farm, London, to try extensions first hand and pass my head of short hair over to Feleny Georghiou, extensionist extraordinaire.

If I was going to get extensions it was going to be from someone who is at the top of their game and Feleny is exactly this. Having bestowed length to the tresses of Sharon Stone, Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Penelope Cruz, I knew that I was safe.

After enjoying a lovely cup of tea whilst I waited (damn my fear of being late and need to be early!), I was taken to get my hair washed to remove any oils from the hair. I was treated to a lovely head massage and my tension ebbed away with the divine massaging chairs. There’s no sense of being rushed through the, inevitably long, extension process.

My hair was blow dried and Feleny made her appearance. She scrutinised my hair and was very lovely and polite, even mentioning that my strange coloured locks (red, several browns and a bit of black for good luck) was gorgeous – I’m sure she was secretly thinking ‘oh lord this will be a challenge’!

After a thorough inspection she vanished to find the perfect hair for me and returned 15 minutes later with an assortment of colours. I was delighted that she had chosen to use several shades for the perfect match. My hair my have several shades in it, but one colour on top and another on the bottom is not a good look.

Then the process really began, the hair is applied with a resin bond which is heated and stuck to the extensions, before being bonded to my own hair close to the root. This can be later removed with a special chemical which dissolves the glue without harming the hair or scalp. The Connect Hair System uses very small sections of hair, which gives fantastically natural results.

Feleny and her assistant worked very efficiently and she was great at talking me though how to care for my new lengthy locks – thankfully I was also given a sheet of instructions should I forget anything. She was also inspiring in her suggestions for styling my hair and showed me some tricks.

Once the hair was in it was shaped and layered, then straightened. The word ‘perfectionist’ doesn’t even come close to describing Feleny’s work ethic. She has a fantastic eye for the cut of hair and takes such pride in her work it is inspiring. In fact, she even stopped my as I was about to leave so that she could make a little snip. She apologised for this, but I was quite frankly delighted that she would stop me to make a change to the hair – I’d rather this level of service than a stylist spotting a problem and letting it go.

The whole process took around four hours and I left with beautiful, long and thick, bouncy hair. It is quite a shock to the system but my hair looks wonderfully natural and is seamless. You can’t see any of that horrid extension ‘step’ where the natural hair can easily be spotted sitting above the extensions.

I can’t believe the amazing transformation I went through in just a few hours. If you are considering hair extensions, I would save up for the best and go to Feleny and her team. Don’t sacrifice your natural hair or try to get some on the cheap – it will just look that; cheap!

Feleny was kind enough to give me some beautiful products for taking care of the extensions, which also work well with natural hair – reviews upcoming.

Log on to the website; www.connecthairextensions.com or givethem a call for more info on +44 (0) 20 7483 3845.

The results speak for themselves…


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Something Kinda Ooooh

Hands up if you like Cheryl Cole? Hands up if her shiny, swingy mane makes you want to have big hair too? Hands up if you’re embarrassed about putting your hands up in response to the previous two questions? Ahem. Me too, but it’s true. I’ve taught myself how to backcomb without creating a bird’s nest on my head. I sometimes use volumising shampoo. But the crucial ingredient you need to get Cheryl’s big bonce is the right styling lotion.

I’ve recently been experimenting with a couple of gorgeous Frederic Fekkai products. Being too young in the 80’s to sport a perm, I’ve never really bothered much with hair mousse. It always seemed kind of naff and obsolete. MORE All-Day Density Styling Whip is nothing like old fashioned stiff-hair mousses though. Its fluffy formula is designed to thicken each strand of hair, while vitamin-rich ingredients act to support follicle health. Apparently. I’m not sure about the ‘science bit,’ as Jennifer Aniston would say, but I do know my hair became big and bouncy after using it. It makes hair less slippery so it’s easier to style and it smells gorgeous too – mildly coconut, but fresh not sickly. Just finger it through the roots of damp hair and blow dry.

Next up on the Cheryl Cole hair quest: COIFF Bouffant Lifting and Texturising Spray Gel. With the words ‘Coiff’ and ‘Bouffant’ in the name I was already smiling when I took off the lid. This star product can be sprayed onto damp hair at the roots for volume or throughout for texture. It also works wonders to freshen up day-old hair or on dry hair for extra volume and texture. I love that I can go for more volume even once my hair is styled: perfect if I’m backcombing the roots or clipping the front sections back at the crown.

For serious volume try winding sections of your hair up into Velcro rollers: there’s a reason why Coleen et al are pictured wearing theirs around town! My hair still isn’t as big or Barbie-like as Mrs Cole’s but at around £20 for some volumiser, versus hundreds for her hair extensions, at least I can walk tall with some change in my pocket and a bit more bounce to my tresses.


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Pink to Make the Boys Wink

I was raving about ESPA last week and guess what? I’m going to do it again! I’ve been trying out the divine Pink Hair and Scalp Mud over the last few days and, despite some reservations, I’m pleased with the results.

I wasn’t sure quite how it would measure up. I imagined a mud for hair to be drying and difficult to wash out. It has clay in it after all! I couldn’t get my head around the fact that it would be moisturising and conditioning.

You need to use quite a lot of product to cover the whole head, but when it is rinsed out (and hair comes clean easily!) my locks are so shiny as well as feeling stronger. Wow, this pink gloop actually works! The hair also feels light and full with no traces of residue, and the cleaning effect on the scalp is second to none.

It also doubles up as a yummy skin conditioner (bye bye dry elbows)  and apparently works well to soothe sun burn… not that there’s much chance of that in the January weather!

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Big and Beautiful

Written by Claire:

Break out the hairspray to a 60s soundtrack because the bouffant is back.

The trend for big hair couldn’t be missed on the spring summer catwalks. Think Amy Winehouse meets Victoriana – fly-away hairs and an arm-aching amount of backcombing creates a modern look which is sexy, sophisticated and bang-on trend for those brave enough to try it.

Once you’ve mastered the dry, airy, bouffant try your hand at the simple sassy styles as seen at Prada or Emilio Pucci; the cottage loaf (or ‘nest’) spotted at Roberto Cavalli or even the huge beehive D Squared did so well. This look suits all hair types so fine-haired girls needn’t despair. Plus, extensions work – just a few will transform lank locks.

And the look seems set to continue into autumn winter. At Thakoon, the voluminously swept-up creations had more of a sculptor’s touch than a stylist’s. Orlando Pita also focused on intensive construction at Derek Lam, where the designer’s Tim Burton fixation found its way into gothic-inspired unkempt beehives. Sass & Bide treated the mane as Rodin treated bronze, giving it height, depth and other gravity-defying dimensions, while Michael Kors may just have had Amy Winehouse’s ‘Back to Black’ playing on repeat when he gave instructions to Pita on creating the oversized retro up-dos that knotted at the neck.

One thing is clear: big is beautiful for this season and next. For wash-and-go girls, it’s time to slow down, master the art of backcombing and tease those tresses into a beautiful bouffant.

Get the Look

Load up the hair with light-weight products. Scrunch thickening clay through clean, dry hair, before brushing and blasting with a hairdryer. If your hair is curly, then straighten first. Back-brush gently and mist with holding spray. Using pins, style as desired – remember to keep the look soft, impulsive and wild!

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Bumble Mumble

My hair is fine, flat and pretty darn uninteresting. So I need more than a little help when it comes to getting a glorious mane. Bumble and Bumble Thickening Spray is ideal for my desperately dull tresses, it lifts it to bouncy bardot-esque proportions (well.. almost). Because it is light and mate, rather than slick, it pumps up the volume in my hair without turning it into a grease slick. I can even layer t over a small amount of serum for both lift and shine. It perks up my hair, and my mood, every time I use it. The perfect blow-dry accessory for lifeless locks.

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Beauty Sleep

Written by Lindsay: I’m usually a bit dubious of new beauty inventions, as often they prove to be overly time consuming and somewhat pointless (case in point being Pretty Polly’s new ‘leg mask.’) But I decided to give one of the new hair ‘night creams’ a go and (much to my surprise) I am beyond impressed with Umberto Giannini’s new Overnight Beauty Balm, a bargain at only £4.99. Even though the word ‘balm’ conjures up images of a thick and gloopy consistency and despite my rather heavy handed application, this lightly textured miracle worker sinks in super quick, without leaving a mess on your pillow. Come the morning my tresses were soft and silky with my split ends looking far less flyaway than they have any right to be.

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