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Grooming Guerrilla: Face Off

I’ve always been taken with Patrick Bateman, the serial killer in American Psycho. Alright, he’s a totally unhinged character and probably not someone I should aspire to but he is immaculately dressed, has a fantastic apartment and the perfect lifestyle. Well, apart from all the killing anyway.

Early in the film, the super cool killer uses a peel off face mask. I’ve always loved that scene. So, when I was handed a few packets of Peel Off Masques from Montagne Jeunesse For Men, I was looking forward to giving it a go.

The masks, applied in a fine layers over the skin, dry and form some kind of a shrink wrap over dead skin, pores and dirt. 15 minutes later the Masque had tightened and dried up, grabbing a whole load of gunk in the process.

It was time to peel the film away. At first I couldn’t grab the edges and thought I might have to wash the thing off, but after  bit of persevering I soon got my technique down. I rolled the mask away in a Batemanesque motion.

When each bit of the masque had been peeled off, my skin was immediately smoother and my pores looked clearer. I was surprised by how much difference it made.

I think the mask would be great before a night out, when you want to look in top condition.


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Grooming Guerrilla – Eye Eye

We recently got our grooming guerrilla to try Decleor’s Eye Contour Energizer Gel from their Men’s Essentials collection.

Now, our male tester isn’t exactly the metrosexual type. He doesn’t use manscara or guyliner but he does like to look good and religiously cleanses, tones and moisturises everyday. So when we presented him with an eye cream he wasn’t sure how to take it. “I’ve never used eye cream, what do I do with it?”.

Well, Decleor have designed this eye cream especially for their male customers. It is a light gel formula and contains essential oils to reduce the appearance of tiredness around the eyes. Apply it in a gentle sweeping stroke around the eye contour.

It is quite a herbal smell to it which our tester liked and a gentle tingling sensation when applied. He noticed an immediate difference to his eye area and felt it looked and felt much more rejuvenated. In addition, it sunk in to the skin straight away so he didn’t feel self conscious after using it. Despite a hesitant start he’s now hooked; “I didn’t expect to like this but I’ll definitely keep using it. It makes me feel more presentable the morning after a late night which can only be a good thing!”.

One word of warning from the grooming guerrilla though – be careful not to get it in your eyes, “it really stings!”.

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Grooming Guerrilla – Smooth Criminal

Anything that can make shaving easier is a good thing. The daily facial assault can easily be lessened with a good shaving oil. Applied before foam it allows the razor to slide simply over stubble. Origins Easy Slider Pre-Shave Oil may look small and unimpressive but the post-shave results pack a punch. Super smooth skin without the rawness. Not so shabby.

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