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Box of Matchas

OK, I have to admit, until a couple of weeks ago I had never even heard of Green Matcha Tea. When I started hearing about it though I was intrigued.

This unusual tea is a bright green powder, which can be mixed with milk, water or juice. Have it as a shot, a latte or pop some in your morning smoothie – it’s really versatile. I’ve been getting my healthy fix from Tea Pigs and boy do I mean healthy!!

One cup of this stuff has 137 times more antioxidants than a standard cup of green tea and 9 times more beta-carotene than spinach. This makes matcha great for the skin; I’ll be keeping an eye on my complexion to see how it improves and I’ll let you know how I get on.

What I really love about my Green Tea Matcha from Tea Pigs is it fills me with instant calm whilst also giving a boost to the system- it’s great for staying stress free.


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A Taste of Mexico?

If you were hitting the tequila hard over the party season you could be thinking that a detox is in order. But let’s face it detoxing can be a bit boring. Well, it needn’t be.

Crussh has brought out smoothies and juices with a very Mexican twist… they’re made out of the La Nopalea cactus. When I first heard about this I thought UGH, as if I would drink that! (Closed minded, moi?), but after reading a bit more about it I have to say I’m tempted to give it a go.

It cleanses the liver and colon, contains stacks of antioxidants and vitamins A, C and Bs and is a source of fibre, not to mention being super hydrating.

It’s only available in January and February and rumour has it is great for a hangover. I’m going to be trying it out this weekend and I’ll let you know how I get on!

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Kick Start

We all go through times when we hit a bit of a rut. Well, I think I’m in one now. My energy levels are pretty low, you could say I’ve lost my mojo and my get up and go, all at once.

I blame the horrible lack of summer this year… and last. Such grey skies don’t put a spring in my step.

So I’ve been reaching for the vitamins in an attempt to bring some life back. I’m not talking about your chalky multivits though, oh no, we all know about those. I’m talking ‘Vitazyme‘.

Vitazymes are small sachets of liquid supplements which you simply take half an hour before a meal, twice daily. The liquid is easily absorbed into the body and delivers big hits of vitamins and minerals.

I’ve been sucking on the energy range and I’m starting to feel better for it. It’s no surprise as each daily dose contains 23.9g of 51 different types of fruit and vegetables including avocado, banana, kiwi, mango, strawberry and watermelon.

One box of flex contains 2 weeks worth of supplements to kick start you into action and jump you out of any post summer (extended winter more like) rut.

Vitazyme is also available in Rest, for periods of stress, and Flex, to look after joints.

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Who likes short shorts?

I’ve owned the Hot-pants Workout DVD for years. I hummed and harred about buying it for a long time, somehow fitnes DVDs always seem a bit embarrassing to buy especially when their name lets the cashier know you need a nicer bum.

Of course I did buy it eventually (Internet shopping came to my rescue) and I think it’s a great little workout. OK so the instructor is mildly annoying but they always are, but the mix of cardio and light resistance never fails to get my legs in tip top shape in a relatively short period of time. Expect to be doing some dancing-come-aerobics bouncing around and jumping which gets you surprisingly out of breath.

It’s not something I do regularly, but if I’m going on holiday and know my legs will be on show a lot it is a real saviour. As it’s been out a while now you can get it pretty cheaply too!

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