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Brown as a Nut

Written by Laura: We all want a golden glow for summer, and preferably one that doesn’t come with complementary scary skin cancer. Included in the latest raft of products to hit the fake tan market is Clarins Delicious Self Tanning Cream. With ‘unsaponifiables of cacao’ – whatever they are – designed to tan your skin, leaving you chocolatey brown and lovely, it sounded pretty tasty.

Annoyingly, the cream comes in a pot rather than a tube, which necessitates digging in your fingers or using the piddly spatula provided. It’s easy to rub in and the light-brown sheen and pleasant smell make for an enjoyable application. Once on, the cream left my skin feeling moisturised but not tacky and didn’t mark my sheets when I used it before bed.

While I may not be the most adept fake tanner, even I exfoliated and moisturised dry areas before application to create a barrier against the tanning agents. Despite my efforts, come the morning I was greeted by browny-orange heels and yellow hands. The overall tan was good however, with no streaks or patches. My main grievance though (and probably the reason I wouldn’t buy this fake tan again) was the way it wore off – clinging stubbornly to shins and around armpits, no matter how many times I scrubbed them. Overall, a good choice for careful tanners willing to put in the prep for even results.


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Faux Your Glow

Written by Lindsay: As a facial fake tan virgin (I can’t bear the thought of streaks!) this week I finally grew tired of my increasingly miss-matching face and body and took the plunge with Origins Faux Glow facial tanner. Although I was apprehensive, this light textured tanner was perfect for a beginner as it goes on tinted, develops quickly and soothed my sensitive skin with rosemary and orange extracts. In around 40 minutes my skin had developed into a natural golden glow and a few more days use ensured there wasn’t going to be any scary orange build up to look forward to. I’d say this tanner was best suited for lighter skin tones -as it’s not a particularly deep- and although I wasn’t convinced by the scent (a minty-sweet, mojihto meets gummy bear smell) for ease of application, believable colour and the lack of streaks, I’d give this an A+!

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This week is National Sun Awareness week in Britain, so we are going to be bringing you a whole bunch of sun-related reviews from sun block and fake tan to beach proof makeup.

In light of this, I would like to introduce you Transform from Xen Tan. Transform is a gradual tanner unlike any other I’ve tried. The main reason for this is the smell. There isn’t even a hint of that nasty cat-wee scent that is associated with fake tan and for some reason seems to be amplified in gradual tanners. Instead, the fragrance is a very sugary citrus scent. Admittedly, it isn’t the kind of aroma you fall in love with, but knowing you don’t smell like a litter box is a wonderful thing.

Once saturated in the moisturiser the skin takes a while to fully dry but it doesn’t feel sticky and I put some dark, loose clothes on after 15 minutes of application and it didn’t cause any streaking or smudging.

The next morning I awoke to an incredibly tanned skin-tone. It was darker than I had expected from a gradual tanner but there was no sign of the dreaded satsuma orange undertone. Instead I had a gorgeous holiday glow. My partner even commented, several times, that he couldn’t believe how natural it looked. I think he was a little jealous of my new found tan!

All in all this is a great gradual tanner which worked a treat on my pale complexion. It would be great as a top-up to an existing tan and, of course, infinitely safer than tanning naturally or on a sun bed.

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Speedy Gonzales

Sometimes I look in the mirror and it is like there’s a ghost looking back at me. I am frighteningly pale. It is not a pretty, porcelain doll pale either. My skin is that greyish white colour which shows up spots, marks and blotches perfectly. To quote Carrie Bradshaw ‘me no likey’.

The worst thing is when I have an occasion where I want to look particularly nice, but I forget to slap on some fake tan the day before. Or when something comes up and I have to head out to meet people but I want to look respectable and less corpse-like. If only there was a fake tan for the face that developed in just a couple of hours. Oh wait! There is!

St Tropez Ultimate Rapide Face Cream (£18.00) is my new must-have hero product for summer. The tinted self-tanning cream goes on like a dream and immediately starts developing. In two hours you are left with a bronzed glow, magic!

It’s also an anti-aging moisturiser with anti-oxidant rich Vitamin E and some soothing organic aloe vera to boot. All this and it gives a lovely streak-free colour; it isn’t hugely dark but I think deeply tanned faces can look kinda grubby anyway. The tan doesn’t stick around too long, despite claims that it is long lasting, but for an unexpected night out you can’t beat it!

P.S. I’m also a fan of St Trop Everyday Face and I think this would be great as a top up to this when you want a bit more oomph!

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