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Nighty Night

One of the most luxurious, wondrous, scrummy, yummy products I have ever had the pleasure to saturate my skin in is Rodial Glamotox Night. This oil-rich night cream might make you wince with its £98.00 price tag but I swear it is the skincare of the gods.

Rodial is a cult brand, popular with celebs the world over, and it isn’t hard to see why. Before you even rub this cream in you’ll fall in love with the fragrance. The heavenly grapefruit scent is powerful without being overpowering and it really makes you feel like the liquid is loaded with goodies.

Glamotox Night is a collagen plumper which works while you sleep. After just one night I woke up to find my skin smooth, soft and radiant with the lines creeping up on my forehead a little less noticeable. Sadly, I packed it off to my mum as she was complaining about feeling wrinkly and I’m a soft touch. She’s fallen in love with it too and tells me that, despite the hefty price, she’ll be buying more when it runs out.

Sigh, oh how I miss the wonder oil, but it is much better for older skins as it can overload more youthful complexions. Hopefully, I’ll get the chance to try more Rodial products soon and I can see if the rest of the brand lives up to the Glamotox Night!



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My skin. It’s a funny old, finicky thing. I went through my teens pretty much blemish free, with a bit of dryness when I hit 16 which drove me mad, then *BAM* I get to my twenties and it’s zit city on my chin. Spot and acne products drive me round the bend – always meant for oily skin. But my face isn’t oily, oh no, it is still dry.

I was recently sent though a face cream from MAC Cosmetics – my favourite make-up brand – from their new Moisturelush range. I tend not to associate MAC with skincare and was dubious; would this destroy my love of MAC?

At first, i wasn’t enthralled by the gunk – it feels and smells a bit too much like emulsion paint. I really wasn’t looking forward to slathering it on my scared skin. Using only a very small, teeny tiny amount, I rubbed it between my hands and gently patted it into my face.

Surprisingly the cream sunk in pretty well and hasn’t made me break out, well, no more than usual anyway! I’m still a bit scared of the ultra-thick texture, but as an occasional night cream and emergency heavy moisturiser it will most certainly do the trick.

I think MAC would have been better to bring this out in winter not spring, but as the weather is still pretty harsh I’m not too fussed. Well done MAC, oh how we love you!

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