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Cover It Up

Before I started using the fabulous Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, I had been dabbling with a similar and less expensive version of the cult concealer.

Jemma Kidd Colour Match Concealer Duo works in the same way as Secret Camouflage, offering two shade of concealer which can be blended together to suit your skin tone perfectly. It is slightly more cakey, but just as effective at hiding a multitude of sins. Including those pesky pimples. So, when blemishes just can’t be banished and they are stubbornly making camp on your face, Jemma Kidd Concealer Duo can at least hide the horror until it decides to take leave.


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Guerrillas Need Camo

Laura Mercier’s Secret Camouflage is, without a doubt, pure genius. In my humble opinion, it ticks all the boxes and really delivers exactly what I need from a cover up. Here’s my run down on why it is so fabulouso.

1. The Colour. A palette of two shades means you can mix up the perfect tone for your colouring.

2. The Consistency. Creamy without being cakey, the formula is just right. There are no cracks and lines breaking through.

3. The Cover. Blemishes? What blemishes? I have an even and smoothed out complexion.

4. The Durability. It has serious staying power and doesn’t slide away by lunch time.

5. The Packaging. A neat little compact with a good sized mirror in the lid.

You can buy Laura Mercier products from Space NK stores nationwide or online, Secret Camouflage will set you back £25.00.

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