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Rosy Glow

Ahh the Organic Pharmacy. There’s just something so magical about it for me, I’m not sure what. It just has a certain je ne sais quoi which makes me want to grab all the natural goodies and run for the hills.

I was really excited about trying the Flower Petal Deep Cleanser and Mask. With rose, chamomile, lavender and geranium this brighten home treatment sounded just up my street. I do love a good floral beauty product, mmhmm.

The tub is a hearty size and the cleanser/mask comes in a powdery format. The idea is, you mix it up with a bit of water, apply it to the skin in a patting motion, leave it for a bit then rinse away.

Cor blimey, this isn’t easy to get right and can be quite a mess. I really struggle to get the consistency right. It either seems to fluid and it just dribbles off my face, or too solid and it just sticks, in clumps, to my hands.

That said, when I do manage to get it right I always find that my skin glows the next day and feels incredibly smooth.

If you like your beauty routine to be quick and easy this isn’t for you, but if you enjoy a bit of faux DIY with your skincare then go for it. Once you’ve got your technique down your skin really will come up roses.

£26.30 from The Organic Pharmacy.


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Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly rave about face wipes anymore, I get going again. This time it’s Soap and Glory making me swoon. Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths make my skin tingle, but doesn’t dry it out; takes all my makeup and mascara off, but doesn’t make me teary; shrinks my pores, but doesn’t make my face tight.

Need I say more?

Get them for flights, trains, festivals, sticky days, lazy nights… just get them, alrighty?

£3.91 from Boots

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Clear Skin is Clean Skin

Written by Naomi: Testing sumptuous anti-ageing serums and heavy duty moisturisers and sometimes radiance cream and makeup may sound like a dream – and a task of utmost importance to womankind – but sometimes my face goes into a bit of a frenzy. Can I stop such shennanigans? Erm, no. So I cannot live without Dr Haushka Cleansing Cream – it’s my skincare failsafe.

The gritty texture, the slightly beery smell and the fact that it has to be applied in a specific way, have become a part of my daily routine. Why do I like it so much? Because it cleans my face like nothing else and for most of us, clear skin is clean skin. When I cleanse with this cream twice my face is so clean it virtually squeaks – the perfect testing canvas for any potion. Plus, it has that reassuringly organic good-for-you smell and sensation. It’s great for any skin type and tester sizes are available at any good department store. Even better, at £14 a tube it’s a bargain too!

Dr Haushka Cleansing Cream, £14, call 01386 792642 for stockists

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Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish is a cleanser which has found incredible cult status. What makes it so good? Well, it deep cleanses AND it exfoliates, making it a wonderful product for skin which has a habit of getting clogged with dirt and oil.

The forumla is very thick and creamy. Massage it onto dry skin, over eyes, face and neck. Then take a muslin cloth and dip it in warm water, ring it out, and buff away the cleanser. This is the exfoliating part of the process. Finish with a cool splash of water to close up the pores.

Cleanse and Polish is effective, it takes some time but when used properly it keeps skin clear and smooth. The only concern I have with it is with the muslin cloth. Make sure you clean it throughly and often and use a fresh one each day, otherwise every time you clean your face you’ll be spreading last night’s bacteria across your skin.

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Purely Clean

I’m sad to say that ‘give-me-a-cuddle’ Gok Wan’s latest series of ‘How to Look Good Naked’ has finished and been replaced with ’10 years youger’ and the not so friendly Nicky Hambleton-Jones. I was, however, pleased to see that they have put more emphaisis on the beauty section of the show and very surprised by their cleansing routine test.

If you missed last night’s program then let me fill you in. Uber-talented make-up artist Lisa Eldridge hit the local shopping centre with a table of water, cleansing wipes, cleanser etc and asked nearby shoppers to take off their make-up as they normally would. She then cleansed their skin again and wiped away the traces of make-up with a muslin cloth, revealing a huge amount of grime that had been left behind.

When you don’t spend the time to correctly clean skin up then you will, without a doubt, end up with clogged pores and a congested complexion. Do your skin a favour and make sure that you cleanse twice in the evening; once to remove make-up and then again to deep clean pores. Until recently I was using Purity Made Simple by Philosophy. At £30.00 it’s not cheap, and its non-foaming consistency takes a bit of getting used to, but I really have fallen in love with it as the formula thoroughly cleans without stripping away essential moisture.

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