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A Sign of Excellence

There’s something wonderful about Chanel isn’t there? That little logo is enough to send a shiver of excitement down my spine, whether it’s on a handbag or a lipstick… OK, OK, I don’t have a Chanel handbag, but oh I wish I did!

The great thing about designer cosmetics ranges is they let us buy into a brand we otherwise might not be able to. The really fantastic thing about Chanel though, is you also get absolutely wonderful products that work well.

I have friends who swear by their foundations, but I have a soft spot for their Precision Body Excellence range. The Firming and Revitalizing Body Spray is a particular favourite. A quick spray of this silky formula on my legs when I’m getting ready for a night out and I’m good to go. It seems to instantly firm up the skin and leaves an ever so flattering shimmer too.

It’s admittedly more of a summer buy than a winter must-have, but I couldn’t resist telling you about it. Besides, my mind is pretending that it’s summer; I saw blue sky for the first time in months today!


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Gift Guide – Chocoholic

Body moisturisers should always ALWAYS be indulgent. In my humble opinion, if you’re going to spend time slathering yourself in goo then said goo should be thick and creamy (yet slide onto skin and sink in easily), smell better than freshly baked bread and leave skin silky smooth just minutes later. Basically, it needs to be worth the effort.

SPC White Chocolate Body Cream is just the ticket. It is incredibly rich yet has something of a whipped texture which means that when it’s smoother over the skin it feels light and not too sticky. Skin feels wonderfully soft after use.

It smells divine – sweet, white chocolate but light and fairly subtle on the body. I’ve picked one up for a friend who shares my love of chocolate. A great gift for chocoholics who like smelling good enough to eat.

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Bath oils are lovely aren’t they? What can be better than sinking into a hot tub full of sweet smells and skin softening ingredients. Ahhhh bliss. I always associate bath oils with scents which are made to unwind, de-stress and chill out – rose and lavender are always popular choices.

Now though, I’ve found something new. Pure Lochside Invigorating Body and Bath Oil has a zingy citrus scent which leaves me feeling bright eyed and bushy tailed. The organic lemon, juniper-berry and orange combine to make a delightful zingy aroma. It is great for a pre-party bath when you want to spend time leisurely getting ready.

The formula is great for the skin too. Packed with organic oils and vitamins A and Eyou’ll be feeling super smooth when you sashay to your Christmas party.

Just add a few drops to your bath or for a bigger moisture hit apply it directly. I like to apply it to my shoulders for a bit of sexy shimmer.

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