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My Oh My…

Check out Ms Agy Deyn all Marilyn-esque and glam on the Vogue Korea cover. Makes me want to play dress up!

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Stop Presses!

These hot pink GHD IV stylers will really brighten up hair styling! Right now you can get this cute set of straighteners, which comes with three yummy pink lip glosses by the way, from Feel Unique for just £124.50 AND delivery is free.

That’s not the best part though – £10 from every pack sold goes straight to Breakthrough Breast Cancer. 

Time for a little early Christmas present for yourself perhaps?

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Show Us Some Love

Beauty Guerrillas is now on facebook! Search for us to become a fan – then you can get your BG fix every time you log on!

The Beauty Guerrillas appreciate your support :)

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SOS – Save Our Skin

Once upon a time a girl had a date. She also had a cold. The two don’t exactly go together. We all know the pain of a red, flaky nose: makeup only emphasises the problem, important social commitments need to be cancelled. With D-day drawing ever nearer and no sign of my cold abating I was getting desperate. I had always dismissed the many celebrities and beauty professionals raving about Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream as mere hype. What makes it so special? Well, since it saved my nose I will endeavour to explain it to you in very real terms.

I applied the cream every time I remembered throughout the day (even when I suspected that my constant nose dabbing was rubbing it off.) Don’t ask me why it works, it just does, and even if your schnozzle isn’t in need of cold proofing I’d recommend stocking up on this cream. It has a multitude of uses and really is an essential to keep in your handbag. When the day of my date arrived my nose was perfectly flake-free; it was still a disaster but at least I looked pretty.

By Laura.

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New into Harvey Nichols, Swissdent Nano Whitening Toothpaste is, for want of a better word, luxury mouth-care.

At £15 you want something special from a toothpaste, it has to offer more than the bog standard £2.00 tube. So does Swissdent deliver?

Well, it’s certainly different. The packaging is simple and smart, plain white with silver writing it could be mistaken for a high-end skin cream, there’s no shame in giving it pride of place on the bathroom shelf.

Don’t expect the sugary sweet mint taste you might be used to whilst brushing your teeth either. Instead your mouth will be filled with a refreshing but bold sensation, minty but without the Trebor likeness. It left my mouth feeling completely clean throughout.

Using calcium peroxide and enzymes, Swissdent Nano Whitening lifts away plaque without a hitch and without using aggressive ingredients. Fluoride protects the tooth enamel and co-enzyme Q10 and vitamin E look after gums. All together meaning teeth are not only whiter and cleaner, but the whole mouth is healthier too.

That really is something to smile about!

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Tone Up

I had gone off using toner for the last month or so, deciding that it was useless and didn’t make a difference to my skin. But when I recently tried Decleor’s Tonifying Lotion I jumped back on the bandwagon head first.

Firstly, the bottle is pink which instantly appeals to the girly side of me. It is suitable for all skin types and the bottle is a fair size – 250ml. Containing floral waters and essential oils the toner is instantly refreshing, cooling skin whilst picking up remaining impurities left over after cleanser. And boy, was I surprised by how much make-up I managed to leave on my skin after I thought it had all been washed away.

Decleor’s Tonifying Lotion is a real joy to use, the calming and uplifting scent is unsurpassed and the benefits on my skin are noticeable. I look fresher and brighter after sweeping this across my face and there isn’t even a hint of that tight, dry post-toner feeling. And did I mention it’s pink??

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Holiday Hair

Crispy, green-tinged tresses used to be part and parcel of my holiday package along with sunburn and mosquito bites.The chlorine in the pool and salt from the sea combined to create one stringy blue-blonde mess.

Determined not to spend another vacation sat with ketchup on my head to take away the brassiness, I looked into holiday hair protection. Luckily hairdresser Mark Hill’s Holiday Hair range came to my rescue.

These handy miniatures contain just the right amount of product to see you through two weeks in the sun. My particular hair heroes include the Suncare Shampoo, Aftersun Intensive Conditioner and the Stay Straight Shaping Polish. In the humidity of balmy Tobago I quickly realised I was in for a battle, even with my GHDs on-hand. Instead of straightening my hair, after washing and conditioning I applied a little of the gum-textured shaping polish to my damp hair and then mussed it up a bit. It seemed to encourage the natural movement in my hair and created shiny, tousled waves.

I’m now back in England with not a green strand in sight and definitely only ketchup on my fish and chips.

By Laura

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