Despite essentially being a lazy girl when it comes to spending a lot of time on beauty (straighten my hair every morning?! My worst nightmare), I do like to spend a bit of time painting my nails.

I think the obsession started back in sixth form all those years ago, when I couldn’t get really get away with a lot of eyeshadow or lipstick. Instead, I used to paint my nails crazy colours.

Right now, I’m going mad for crazy bright nail varnish. Mostly because winter is around the corner and I know I’ll be wearing head to toe black so I need a pop of colour.

My current loves are Barry M turquoise which is really more like some kind of manic neon sky blue and Model’s Own Lemon Sherbert, a fantastically mad flourescent yellow. The yellow shade needed a massive 5 coats before it looked bright and bold though – on first try it just made me look like a heavy smoker with nicotine nails – bleeeuch.

Both brands last ages too which is a huge bonus as there’s not much worse than chipped nail colour. You can grab both colours at if they tickle your fancy!


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