You see that? It’s my under arm. Ugly isn’t it? You see the big red cut and slight bruising? This is my underarm a week after healing when my epilator not only ripped my hair out, but pulled a bunch of my skin out.

The cut has started to heal properly now and has fully closed up, after days of applying sudocrem to ease the burning pain and dry up the wound.

The epilator in question? Braun Silk Epil. NOw, I hasten to add that I’ve used this epilator several times and never ever had any trouble with it. Obviously, once is enough to be hurt and with both of my arm pits in a sorry state it has rapidly found itself in the bin.

Would I suggest everyone should chuck their Braun epilators ASAP? Of course not. Would I recommend them to anyone who was thinking of buying them? Well, no. I wouldn’t do that either.

God knows how this happened, maybe my technique was off or maybe it’s just a bit old and gnarled. Next time though, I’ll be shaving.


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