Lash Out

Lashes of lashes are what makes me smile. My eyes are my main facial feature and I like to make the most of them. They need to be defined and with deep, dark and curled lashes. Otherwise I look googly eyed thanks to my own naturally super straight eye lashes.

So far, my favourite mascara has always been Dior Backstage Black Out, now though I have stepped it up a notch and had an upgrade. Dior Iconic is my new must-have mascara, it lengthens, it separates and it curls like crazy; there’s no need for me to get the eyelash curlers out. That same sweep of curl stays put till I take the mascara off too, which makes it even better.

It’s not cheap at £19.50, but if long and luscious eyelashes are a big deal to you, then you’ll find it worth digging a little deeper.


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