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Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly rave about face wipes anymore, I get going again. This time it’s Soap and Glory making me swoon. Off Your Face Cleansing Cloths make my skin tingle, but doesn’t dry it out; takes all my makeup and mascara off, but doesn’t make me teary; shrinks my pores, but doesn’t make my face tight.

Need I say more?

Get them for flights, trains, festivals, sticky days, lazy nights… just get them, alrighty?

£3.91 from Boots


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Eye Opener

I’m frequently asked for my thoughts on By Terry. The range has always appealed to me for it’s chic packaging (yes I am a sucker for good looks) and the fact that it has a whole bunch of products with rose scents and colours -ooh er!

I’ve finally tried something out. I opted for the Touche Eclat de Teint, as I wanted to compare it to the creator’s original formula for YSL. The infamous and wondrous YSL Touche Eclat is a staple in my make-up bag and I wanted to see how the By Terry version would measure up.

Firstly, you get a much bigger tube from By Terry which is definitely a good thing, but sadly it just doesn’t cut it for me.

The formula seems more matte than it really should and doesn’t light up the eye area, concealing shadows, like I expected it to. It works as quite a nice concealor anyway, though I do recommend applying it over eye cream so it doesn’t sink into lines.

I really wanted to love this, but it’s left me feeling a little cold.

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I adore the look of a brightly coloured lip and I wish I could pull it off, but sadly lipstick just don’t work too well on me. It’s my own fault, I bite my bottom lip and as a result it gets dry and cracked and well – impossible to put lippy on to. So, instead I opt for slippery lip glosses, tinted balms and the like.

The thing about glosses is that, despite you can get them in a zillion colours, the pow factor of any shade is minimal unless you go for a thick, gloopy, sticky formula.

Finally, I have found the perfect yummy lip gloss which finds the perfect compromise between colour intensity and texture. Lipstick Queen Big Bang is delish.

It feels slippery but moisturising on the lips and I can build up the colour by layering it. It has the added bonus of being shimmery and reflective, making my lips look plumper than they really ought to. My favourite colour is Energy, a deep and shiny red. Mmmmm juicy.

Available at Space NK, £19.57

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