Stellar Skincare

I’ve got a lot of time for a cream that sorts my face out while I’m sleeping. Literally. Six to eight hours a night of pure, makeup-free skin just waiting for the right cream to love and nurture it.

I must admit that I never really bothered with night cream until recently. The harsh reality of a brightly lit train carriage changed all that. I find train travel arduous at best but I swear new wrinkles were edging their way onto my 25-year-old face at every station. Drastic action was needed: time for the big guns.

On paper, the SkinCeuticals range carries serious clout thanks to the concentration of active ingredients and the way that they are combined for maximum effectiveness. In reality the results speak for themselves. I’ve been testing Renew Overnight, a moisturiser with 10 per cent hydroxy acid to gently exfoliate skin while you sleep. Available in formulations for dry or oily skin it has really helped freshen me up; it’s also perfect for banishing the telltale marks left by old blemishes. Extracts of aloe, chamomile, evening primrose oil and comfrey nourish skin and the overall effect is a smoother, brighter complexion.

I’m not content to wait until my 30s and 40s to start thinking about anti-aging lotions and potions – I want clever creams that will save my skin from showing it’s age in the first place. SkinCeuticals products can be combined in different ways to benefit skin of all ages. The products aren’t cheap but if perfect skin, both now and in the future, is your priority, you may want to consider investing. Personally, I’m sold.

By Laura


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