Doctor Doctor

I’m pretty picky when it comes to moisturisers, but then so is my skin. Some I find too light; they don’t seem to do anything. Others I’m convinced create little bumps under the skin. The first sign of a spot, lump or dry patch and a cream is unceremoniously banished into the abyss of half-empty jars, never to be seen again. For a moisturiser to make it past my rigorous testing process is an achievement and I will usually be loyal to the product until something else takes my fancy – yes, I’m a fickle little beauty boffin.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that my present love is Dr Sebagh Crème Vital. On application the moisturuser is just a very plain, simple cream that moisturises well, without being greasy, and forms a good base for makeup. A quick glance at the cream’s credentials though and I’m convinced it’s taking even better care of my skin than I thought. Apparently, it contains ETF – a version of a hormone naturally found in the skin that aids cell renewal. Now I’m no scientist but I know this can only be a good thing so far as preventing signs of premature aging (my current obsession.) I haven’t been using it long enough to vouch for the long-term effects, but as a skincare staple, this cream is the equivalent of a great set of underwear: wear it and everything you put on top looks better.

By Laura


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