Hair Hero

OK, so if you are a regular reader you probably know that despite my addiction to make-up and skincare, haircare is never at the top of my list of grooming essentials. However, I am making an effort to change this and I’ve had a little help from Sebastian Professional Products, which are DIVINE!

I’ve been dutifully trying two products, the Thickefy Foam (love that name!) and the Trilliant Spray.

Sound great don’t they? Well they are!! First up the Thickefy Foam – this is a wonderful mousse which quite simply makes my flat hair bouncy, thick and weightless. There’s nothing more I can say about it… it just works.

The Trillaint spray is a thermal protector; something which always seemed a bit boring to me, albeit it necessary. Well, this really jazzes up the mundane as it has tiny particles of shimmer in the liquid which make the hair so fantastically shiny and sparkling – though not in the slightest bit glittery; which is great seeing as I’m no longer 16 years old.

I also had Whipped Creme to try which works to create bouncy waves and curls. Seeing as my hair is straight as a board I handed this to my mum. Well, she is a fan of Sebastian Professional Products too now and was delighted with the results it gave her. Not only did her thick blonde waves look light and healthy, they felt incredibly soft – hardly like there was product on them at all.

There are loads of products in the range to try, so if you pick any up then do share your results with us all.


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