A New Face

I’ve been happily using New ID Cosmetics for a while now, so it’s about time I posted a review of this fantastic brand.

Initially, I felt a little underwhelmed with the products. Going on looks alone, the white and slightly clunky packaging looks a little cheap. That said, As soon as I started using the products I was converted.

I tested the i-glow in siricco; a golden shimmer powder, and i-smoulder, a smudgy smokey eye pencil.

Let’s start off with the i-glow. Crikey I love this stuff, it makes my face shimmery and highlighted and I can tell it’s going to last for bloomin’ ages. The golden shimmer works amazingly well with a tan, but I also wear it under foundation for a brightening pick me up. The only problem I have with it is the product fall out. I recently swept the powder across my cheekbones whilst wearing a black dress, only to find I was laced in golden glittery powder. So you have been warned! Some may find the i-glow a little too glittery, but use it sparingly or under foundations and I reckon you’ll love it as much as me.

The i-smoulder is also a lovely product and one which I have frequently been using. The charcoal shade is a dark grey more than a black and is a softer alternative to heavy black liner, but equally rock and roll. On one end of the pencil you’ll find a liner and on the other you get a cream shadow. I absolutely recommend applying a flesh-coloured shadow to the lid before applying i-smoulder; it’ll stop it shifting too much as it is a very smudgy product.

I’m looking forward to perhaps treating myself to more products from New ID Cosmetics – the only question is, which ones??


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  1. Great blog, I am looking forward to reading more from you.

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