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Going Going Gone

Attention fellow make-up magpies! Lancôme’s big spring success story is the Pink Irreverence range; a beguiling clash of girlie pink set against hard, treacly black. So shockingly coloured are the glosses and varnishes, they make me want to sit cross-legged, smearing goo on my face like a lunatic child with her mother’s make-up bag. The Le Vernis nail varnish in Piha Black is a standout product for its dense coverage and shimmery, rock-hard finish. The Laque Fever lipglosses are formulated in a unique new finish that is shiny as vinyl but doesn’t rub off or disappear after a couple of happy hour mojitos. Some of the products have already sold out, so if you spot a lingering one-off on a beauty hall counter, be sure to snap it up!


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Happy Birthday To Us!!

Today is Beauty Guerrillas first birthday!

Last year was a tricky one for me. It started out great, I graduated top of my year in postgraduate fashion journalism at The London College of Fashion and started freelancing for Tara Palmer Tomkinson’s online glossy, Three’s A Crowd. After a while I was told they would like to make me fashion and beauty editor in a couple of months. Then the recession arrived full force – the website started to struggle and I lost the job before I even reached the desk. Shortly later the site had to close and with it went the bulk of my freelancing career.

After a job hunt I found out I had a new job on an American lifestyle site, but I didn’t agree with some of their policies and found myself redundant after just two months, which was devastating.

Thankfully, everything is back on track for me now and I’m very happy with where I am in life. I work in an industry I adore, I spend all day writing and I have a wonderful family and boyfriend who always have my back.

One thing which really helped me through the redundancy struggle was the feedback and praise I have had from you lovely people – my gorgeous readers.

Watching this little beauty blog bloom has filled me with happiness. As the number of readers grow I feel like I grow a little bit too, so I want to thank you for all your support, e-mails and comments.

I also want to give a big shout out to the PRs who have, quite frankly, made this blog possible. Wow, I sound like I’m accepting an oscar or something, but I am totally sincere. There are too many to mention individually and I don’t want to single anyone out, but I owe everything to you guys. If you didn’t supply me with a steady stream of products and keep me in the loop I wouldn’t have anything to write about.

OK, one last thing to say. There have been many people who have contributed to Beauty Guerrillas and I love them all for doing it. I couldn’t possibly test all these products on my own. Particularly wonderful has been Laura Wheat who is a truly passionate beauty blogger and I don’t know what I would do without her!

OK, so that is the soppy stuff over – for another year at least… I promise.

Joy x

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Doctor Doctor

I’m pretty picky when it comes to moisturisers, but then so is my skin. Some I find too light; they don’t seem to do anything. Others I’m convinced create little bumps under the skin. The first sign of a spot, lump or dry patch and a cream is unceremoniously banished into the abyss of half-empty jars, never to be seen again. For a moisturiser to make it past my rigorous testing process is an achievement and I will usually be loyal to the product until something else takes my fancy – yes, I’m a fickle little beauty boffin.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that my present love is Dr Sebagh Crème Vital. On application the moisturuser is just a very plain, simple cream that moisturises well, without being greasy, and forms a good base for makeup. A quick glance at the cream’s credentials though and I’m convinced it’s taking even better care of my skin than I thought. Apparently, it contains ETF – a version of a hormone naturally found in the skin that aids cell renewal. Now I’m no scientist but I know this can only be a good thing so far as preventing signs of premature aging (my current obsession.) I haven’t been using it long enough to vouch for the long-term effects, but as a skincare staple, this cream is the equivalent of a great set of underwear: wear it and everything you put on top looks better.

By Laura

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Simple Pleasures

Sometimes all you want is a product that smells good and does what it says it will. Ruby Red Organic Lavender Whipped Shea Butter is one such find. This little pot of love moisturises skin with melting, nourishing shea butter, while delicious, opiatic lavender scents conjure images of summer meadows. Organic, hand made, ethically sourced and environmentally friendly the range make gorgeous gifts. The spongy mouse texture adds to the tactile, sensory appeal. Make sure you keep it at room temperature to really get a thrill on application.

By Laura

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Stellar Skincare

I’ve got a lot of time for a cream that sorts my face out while I’m sleeping. Literally. Six to eight hours a night of pure, makeup-free skin just waiting for the right cream to love and nurture it.

I must admit that I never really bothered with night cream until recently. The harsh reality of a brightly lit train carriage changed all that. I find train travel arduous at best but I swear new wrinkles were edging their way onto my 25-year-old face at every station. Drastic action was needed: time for the big guns.

On paper, the SkinCeuticals range carries serious clout thanks to the concentration of active ingredients and the way that they are combined for maximum effectiveness. In reality the results speak for themselves. I’ve been testing Renew Overnight, a moisturiser with 10 per cent hydroxy acid to gently exfoliate skin while you sleep. Available in formulations for dry or oily skin it has really helped freshen me up; it’s also perfect for banishing the telltale marks left by old blemishes. Extracts of aloe, chamomile, evening primrose oil and comfrey nourish skin and the overall effect is a smoother, brighter complexion.

I’m not content to wait until my 30s and 40s to start thinking about anti-aging lotions and potions – I want clever creams that will save my skin from showing it’s age in the first place. SkinCeuticals products can be combined in different ways to benefit skin of all ages. The products aren’t cheap but if perfect skin, both now and in the future, is your priority, you may want to consider investing. Personally, I’m sold.

By Laura

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Plain and Simple

Several weeks ago I was sent a bumper pack of goodies from Simple (who, by the way are on Twitter here).

I’m quite the fan of my luxe products but I’ve started to get a bit sick of it all. All that expense, when there are so many more affordable products on the market which are equally good. Sometimes even better.

So, I’ve been thoroughly testing the following products from Simple;

Daily Radiance Eye Cream – This has become my saviour on bleary mornings and nights when I need a perk up in order to look fresh. It has an incredibly subtle shimmer which lights up the whole eye area. It also has a really light texture which is perfect for my 25 year old skin; all too often eye creams are just too heavy for me and despite using a tiny amount it makes me look puffy, need pretty. Not this cream though, no way, this is spot on.

Regeneration Age Resisting Night Cream – Again, with turning 25 earlier in the year I was all too aware that I needed to start using a specialised night cream for that all too important extra age prevention, but I hadn’t found one which suited me. This cream doesn’t clog my skin and leave my complexion oily or congested in the morning; instead I awake to plumped, radiant and firm skin. What better way to start the day?!

Cleansing Facial Wipes and Cleansing Eye Makeup Remover Pads – Oh I do love a good face wipe! Yeah, I know that sounds ridiculous, but I really do. I never ever go to bed without taking my makeup off, but there are times when I’m feeling lazy and these wipes make life so much easier… Especially after a few lambrinis cocktails. These wipes are excellent at removing every trace of make-up without drying out the skin, which so very many wipes seem to manage. I found them particularly useful when I’d been wearing a pile of foundation on bad skin days, I would use my normal cleanser then go over my face with a Simple Cleansing Wipe to pick up those last lingering layers.

Do I recommend Simple Skincare? Absolutely yes. If you are looking for affordable beauty, but aren’t prepared to scrimp on the results then I suggest giving the range a try.

Another note; the Simple website is fab. You can become a Simple VIP like me and be first to get the gossip, learn about new launches and even get discounts. Simply super!

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Hair Hero

OK, so if you are a regular reader you probably know that despite my addiction to make-up and skincare, haircare is never at the top of my list of grooming essentials. However, I am making an effort to change this and I’ve had a little help from Sebastian Professional Products, which are DIVINE!

I’ve been dutifully trying two products, the Thickefy Foam (love that name!) and the Trilliant Spray.

Sound great don’t they? Well they are!! First up the Thickefy Foam – this is a wonderful mousse which quite simply makes my flat hair bouncy, thick and weightless. There’s nothing more I can say about it… it just works.

The Trillaint spray is a thermal protector; something which always seemed a bit boring to me, albeit it necessary. Well, this really jazzes up the mundane as it has tiny particles of shimmer in the liquid which make the hair so fantastically shiny and sparkling – though not in the slightest bit glittery; which is great seeing as I’m no longer 16 years old.

I also had Whipped Creme to try which works to create bouncy waves and curls. Seeing as my hair is straight as a board I handed this to my mum. Well, she is a fan of Sebastian Professional Products too now and was delighted with the results it gave her. Not only did her thick blonde waves look light and healthy, they felt incredibly soft – hardly like there was product on them at all.

There are loads of products in the range to try, so if you pick any up then do share your results with us all.

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