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Immortelle Youth

Lovely, lovely L’Occitane. I must admit, it reminds me of my mum but only because my first introduction to this brand was when she came back from a trip in Paris with a couple of jars and tubes. It seemed so exotic and exciting! And anyway, my mum is as much of a beauty junkie as me and a very fashionable lady I’ll have you know, so anything that reminds me of her is bound to be a good thing.

For the past couple of weeks I have diligently been testing two of their products. Firstly, the Immortelle Brightening Smoothing Exfoliator. This stuff is just incredible, in fact it is so good I may even go as far to say that it beats my beloved Kirsty McLeod Clay Exfoliator – shocker! This is one of the few exfoliators that immediately makes skin smooth. So smooth that I can even feel the change in my skin texture as i pat my face dry with a towel. Yes, really. I love it and I never want to be without it.

The second L’Occitane product I’ve been cooing over is Immortelle Brightening Renewing Serum. You can use it everyday before moisturiser or, like me, apply it after exfoliating with the Brightening Smoothing Exfoliator. The latter gives a really luxurious treat for the skin – it sinks in immediately and makes skin luminous. It is top notch for an immediate lift to the complexion and I have found that, over time, it is slowly but surely evening out my skin tone.

Thanks L’Occitane – much love to you!


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On the Dot

My make-up base has been vastly improved lately for two reasons firstly I am used a new foundation (review up soon!) and secondly, I have started using a wondrous foundation brush from Purple Dot.

I have, of course, used make-up brushes before. There have been a few goodies, usually blusher brushes, but whenever I use a foundation brush I’d end up with big streaks allover my face and end up blending it in with my fingers anyway.

Well, no more!! My foundation is so even these days, it is as flawless as glass. I love it, I can go out with pride becuase my skin is transformed.

I’ve also been using the concealer brush which makes hiding those blemishes so so easy, and the brush also doubles up as a lip brush so I can wear my dark and bright lippies with pride and they last so much longer.

My final brush is the flat blender brush which makes creating pretty eye looks a cinch. It is certainly one of my top brands – I can’t believe I’ve been missing out on these brushes for so long.

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Only Nature

OK girls (and guys too!), you’ve probably been wondering what I’ve been doing with myself lately. Well, I have a new job at Only Nature – a fantastic beauty site with loads and loads of luxury and salon brand products.

I’m really excited about working there and have been getting stuck in over the past week. Beauty Guerrillas will be going strong again shortly; I’ve got some fantastic make-up brushes to recommend!

I’m taking care of the Only Nature Blog too – so if you want news, advice, trends and more then log on and take a look – I’d love to see you there!

And don’t forget, you can still get your reviews right here at Beauty Guerrillas.

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Hair Today, Long Tomorrow

I have to hold my hands up here and confess – I am a real hypocrite. Oh yes. I’ve been saying for years and years that hair extensions are a no-go area and, quite frankly, turned my nose up at them.

Well, last week I headed to Connect Hair Systems in Chalk Farm, London, to try extensions first hand and pass my head of short hair over to Feleny Georghiou, extensionist extraordinaire.

If I was going to get extensions it was going to be from someone who is at the top of their game and Feleny is exactly this. Having bestowed length to the tresses of Sharon Stone, Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Penelope Cruz, I knew that I was safe.

After enjoying a lovely cup of tea whilst I waited (damn my fear of being late and need to be early!), I was taken to get my hair washed to remove any oils from the hair. I was treated to a lovely head massage and my tension ebbed away with the divine massaging chairs. There’s no sense of being rushed through the, inevitably long, extension process.

My hair was blow dried and Feleny made her appearance. She scrutinised my hair and was very lovely and polite, even mentioning that my strange coloured locks (red, several browns and a bit of black for good luck) was gorgeous – I’m sure she was secretly thinking ‘oh lord this will be a challenge’!

After a thorough inspection she vanished to find the perfect hair for me and returned 15 minutes later with an assortment of colours. I was delighted that she had chosen to use several shades for the perfect match. My hair my have several shades in it, but one colour on top and another on the bottom is not a good look.

Then the process really began, the hair is applied with a resin bond which is heated and stuck to the extensions, before being bonded to my own hair close to the root. This can be later removed with a special chemical which dissolves the glue without harming the hair or scalp. The Connect Hair System uses very small sections of hair, which gives fantastically natural results.

Feleny and her assistant worked very efficiently and she was great at talking me though how to care for my new lengthy locks – thankfully I was also given a sheet of instructions should I forget anything. She was also inspiring in her suggestions for styling my hair and showed me some tricks.

Once the hair was in it was shaped and layered, then straightened. The word ‘perfectionist’ doesn’t even come close to describing Feleny’s work ethic. She has a fantastic eye for the cut of hair and takes such pride in her work it is inspiring. In fact, she even stopped my as I was about to leave so that she could make a little snip. She apologised for this, but I was quite frankly delighted that she would stop me to make a change to the hair – I’d rather this level of service than a stylist spotting a problem and letting it go.

The whole process took around four hours and I left with beautiful, long and thick, bouncy hair. It is quite a shock to the system but my hair looks wonderfully natural and is seamless. You can’t see any of that horrid extension ‘step’ where the natural hair can easily be spotted sitting above the extensions.

I can’t believe the amazing transformation I went through in just a few hours. If you are considering hair extensions, I would save up for the best and go to Feleny and her team. Don’t sacrifice your natural hair or try to get some on the cheap – it will just look that; cheap!

Feleny was kind enough to give me some beautiful products for taking care of the extensions, which also work well with natural hair – reviews upcoming.

Log on to the website; or givethem a call for more info on +44 (0) 20 7483 3845.

The results speak for themselves…


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OK OK, this is shameless self-promotion but I’m selling a STOP Tripollar device as I have two. It was a present and is new and unused, so a great chance to snap one up for a cheaper price if you fancy it!

I’m selling it on Ebay here.

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