Something Kinda Ooooh

Hands up if you like Cheryl Cole? Hands up if her shiny, swingy mane makes you want to have big hair too? Hands up if you’re embarrassed about putting your hands up in response to the previous two questions? Ahem. Me too, but it’s true. I’ve taught myself how to backcomb without creating a bird’s nest on my head. I sometimes use volumising shampoo. But the crucial ingredient you need to get Cheryl’s big bonce is the right styling lotion.

I’ve recently been experimenting with a couple of gorgeous Frederic Fekkai products. Being too young in the 80’s to sport a perm, I’ve never really bothered much with hair mousse. It always seemed kind of naff and obsolete. MORE All-Day Density Styling Whip is nothing like old fashioned stiff-hair mousses though. Its fluffy formula is designed to thicken each strand of hair, while vitamin-rich ingredients act to support follicle health. Apparently. I’m not sure about the ‘science bit,’ as Jennifer Aniston would say, but I do know my hair became big and bouncy after using it. It makes hair less slippery so it’s easier to style and it smells gorgeous too – mildly coconut, but fresh not sickly. Just finger it through the roots of damp hair and blow dry.

Next up on the Cheryl Cole hair quest: COIFF Bouffant Lifting and Texturising Spray Gel. With the words ‘Coiff’ and ‘Bouffant’ in the name I was already smiling when I took off the lid. This star product can be sprayed onto damp hair at the roots for volume or throughout for texture. It also works wonders to freshen up day-old hair or on dry hair for extra volume and texture. I love that I can go for more volume even once my hair is styled: perfect if I’m backcombing the roots or clipping the front sections back at the crown.

For serious volume try winding sections of your hair up into Velcro rollers: there’s a reason why Coleen et al are pictured wearing theirs around town! My hair still isn’t as big or Barbie-like as Mrs Cole’s but at around £20 for some volumiser, versus hundreds for her hair extensions, at least I can walk tall with some change in my pocket and a bit more bounce to my tresses.



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