Hot Flush

Valentine’s day is fast approaching ladies so you’d better start perfecting that date makeup so you’re looking hot to trot! Try these top tips for extra flirty flushed cheeks.

• Apply your base makeup as normal making sure you have a flawless canvass on which to work your magic. Hold off on applying any finishing powder until you have chosen your blush.

• Blusher can come in many forms now such as crème, compact powder, loose powder, liquid stain and mousse. If you are using a ‘wet’ blusher (anything which isn’t powder), then apply this before your finishing powder.

• Stains are fab for super staying power, I use a foam sponge to apply mine, this helps you build up and blend the colour gradually and also saves any unsightly finger stains!

Crèmes are good for that fresh faced, dewy look. Some have better staying power than others but I often apply mine using my fingers and then dust a light layer of powder blusher over the top to fix it.

Powders are great for achieving a natural blend of colours, I like compacts with more than one colour so I can mix and match depending on the look I want.

• If you’re applying a powder blusher then dust finishing powder over your base makeup to absorb any excess oil and apply your blusher to the apples of your cheeks using a soft, natural bristled, rounded blusher brush.

• Pick up the blush onto your brush and then tap gently to remove any excess, the trick is to gradually build up the colour so you don’t end up overdoing it!
Flash that smile to reveal the apples of your cheeks (this is good practice for your date later!), and gently apply the blusher in a circular motion blending up your cheekbone towards your hairline.

• If you are wondering what the best colour to use is then here are my guidelines to suit your skin tone:

Fair Skin: Pale rose, apricots, soft pinks
Medium Skin: peach, corals, pinky rose, soft dusky tones and can also take a subtle amount of hot pink.
Dark and Olive Skin: oranges, berry pinks, dusky rose, and bright blushers.

Laura U


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