Sea Skin

Lizzie is the new Beauty Guerrillas intern. Here she dishes the dirt on her favourite cleanser…

If you’re like me and you suffer from the dreaded combination skin then it may seem like you have been searching forever for that one magical potion.

The Seaweed Purifying Cleanser from The Body Shop is just what you need to help even out your complexion. Some cleansers for combination skin can either make your face look greasier or dry it out more than usual, especially in this weather. This little gem leaves it feeling really soft and gives you a great matte finish, so when worn with make-up your face looks smooth and fresh.

If you’re worried that you are going to spend your day smelling and looking as if you have sprayed yourself with Eau de seaweed then think again, this refreshing cleanser is unscented, clear and oil-free.

This isn’t the only product in this range, The Body Shop offers Seaweed in a whole variety of products such as toner, moisturiser clarifying night treatment and a facial wash, so go ahead girls, slap a little bit of seaweed on your face!



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