Lash Flash

Laura Unter is our latest recruit to Beauty Guerrillas. Every week she’ll be giving us a step by step guide to creating the perfect make-up looks. This week, we’re taking a look at those tricky false lashes…

Falsies are every celebrity’s secret to gorgeous eyes! They add that extra touch of glamour to your makeup, especially for a night out. They’re pretty easy to apply when you know how, here are my top tips on applying false lashes:

Pick the right ones; you don’t want to be going all drag queen so make sure you settle on a good length, most come in short, medium or long. Short will add more thickness for full and bushy lashes, medium with give a bit of extra length but still look natural and long can end up giving drag queen eyes, but hey, whatever you prefer!

After you have applied your eye makeup and before you apply your mascara use dark eyeliner across your top lid, you can use a soft kohl pencil and smudge it or a liquid or gel eyeliner. This will conceal the base of the false lashes.

Before you apply the lashes with glue practice putting them close to your lash line, I like to hold mine with my tweezers as I can have more control and it’s less fiddly. Also if the lashes are too wide for your eye you can trim the outer corners off otherwise they will be uncomfortable and dig into your skin.

Apply a small amount of the glue to the back of your hand… not directly from the tube to the eyelashes, or your eye. Drag the base of the false lashes through the glue so it is coated evenly. Be careful not to overload the lashes with glue; this can get messy and you don’t want any glue to get in your eye.

Hold the end of the lashes in the middle of the strip and press down into the root of your own lashes also in the middle, hold here for a few seconds. Then do the same with the outer and inner corners by pinching the ends of the false lashes and pushing gently. When the glue has almost dried (this will only take a minute) you can press the base of the lashes to completely secure them, I use a cotton bud to do this.

To disguise the base of the false lashes and the glue I go back over with my eyeliner to colour it. You can then use eyelash curlers to curl both your lashes and the false lashes, apply your mascara and you are ready to go!

Laura U.



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2 responses to “Lash Flash

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  2. Miss Ali Gough

    Wow that was very usefull, it made my dressing up a lot quicker, easier and my eyes look fabulous. I must admit I often ended up looking like a drag queen but this technique has really helped. Now i just need help with my arm pits

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