That’s a Wrap

If you have an important occasion coming up and want to look your best but haven’t quite found the time to lose a few pounds, a slimming wrap might sound like the perfect solution. But do these wraps really result in tangible inch loss? I tried out the Universal Contour Wrap to find out.

It was with some trepidation that I arrived at the salon. After all, standing around in paper knickers while every inch of my body is scrutinised by a tape measure-wielding stranger isn’t exactly my idea of a good time. Still, as soon as I met my therapist I began to relax. She was lovely; professional but friendly and put me at ease.

The position of the tape measure on each section of my body was marked with pen to ensure the exact same measurements are taken post-wrap. After noting down my stats, the therapist began winding hot clay-soaked bandages around my limbs and body, working upwards from my feet. There was no smell to the solution and although the bandages were tight, this wasn’t uncomfortable. Only when I came to ‘relax’ on the bed where I had to remain for an hour wearing a plastic suit and booties did the bandages begin to niggle. Movement was minimal but with a pile of magazines to browse I was fairly content.

After I was unbundled, most of the 16 measurements revealed some inch loss – often a quarter or half an inch. At most, nearly an inch. There’s no predicting which areas of your body will be reduced and, despite my hopes that a new flat tummy would be revealed, my biggest losses were from my bust (great!), bottom and thighs. None of which I’d say were problem areas that I particularly wanted reducing. Still, if my thighs are comprised of an inch worth of toxins, I want it out NOW! Overall I lost just over 7 inches. I can’t say that I looked any different though.

Verdict: A great start to a health kick or handy confidence booster if you have a particular event you want to look top-notch for. The treatment guarantees a minimum 6-inch loss, which will stay off for at least 30 days. The wrap also moisturises your skin, leaving it soft for several days, which is bound to make you feel slinky when combined with on-paper inch loss.

Price: £55

Available: Our Beauty Guerrilla reviewed the Universal Contour Wrap at 141’s Beauty, 141 Bath Road, Cheltenham, 01242 222141.



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