Pai in the Sky

In December my skin reached a new height of yuckiness. Blocked pores and terrible acne offset with dry, flaky skin. My face felt awful – tight, uncomfortable and downright sore.

One of my New Years Resolutions was to treat my skin with the respect it deserves and take a more gentle approach to caring for it. Years of thick creams, thin lotions, alcoholic toners, pore clogging make-up and oil-stripping cleansers have left my skin sensitive and scared.

So, I am delighted to report that for the last week I have been using Pai Skincare Camelia and Rose Cleanser with dramatic results.

This creamy cleanser is massaged into dry skin before being removed with a hot muslin cloth – soak the cloth in touch-hot water and wring out – in circular motions. The formula is so gentle that I could use it haphazardly on my eyes and it just does not sting, ever! Even more surprising is that it still manages to take off a day’s worth of make-up and grime.

Within a day my skin was no longer flaking apart and painful – it felt normalised. The day after I first used it a few spots which had been threatening to break out had appeared but they healed quickly and left no marks. My skin is now smooth and radiates health. Old acne marks are diminishing thanks to the exfoliating muslin cloth and, whilst I’m still getting spots, they heal in no time and I am convinced they are a result of the skin purging itself.

There’s really no need not to buy this delightful cleanser no matter what your skin type is. It works AND it’s kind on your skin, which is exactly what we need.


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