Big is Beautiful

My fine hair takes a lot of coaxing into looking good. I envy people who have big, thick, bouncing tresses which swish around with abandon. My hair much prefers the comfort of my scalp and lies as flat to it as humanly possible, slowly getting greasy and gross.

I’ve tried loads of products which claim to turn flat hair voluminous and most of them just weigh down my light locks even more.

Not Tigi Bedhead Superstar Blow Dry Lotion for Thick Massive Hair. Ooooh that sounds so good! I love this styling product and I rarely say that about hair care. I’m generally very blase about that whole area.

So what is so good about it? Well firstly the formula – it is really runny, in fact it is so fluid it’s more like water than some gunky lotion. Anyone who has fine hair will know that the thinner the styling product the better – it’s easier to spread through the hair and wont clog it up and leave greasy patches, yay!

Simply spread it through damp hair and blow dry. If you have flat hair you should ALWAYS use a radial brush to create volume at the root, I swear by it.

The second reason Superstar is so utterly fabulous is because it transforms even my low-lying locks into swooshing tresses. There’s no hint of stickyness, oil, crunch or grease. It’s just my hair but better.


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