Inside Out

If your New Year Resolution is to take care of your skin inside and out, you may well be considering taking a supplement to help you along the way.

Probably the most well known brand of skin supplement is Imedeen. They have tablets for all eventualities whether it is prolonging your tan or tackling wrinkles.

For the last month I have been using Imedeen Derma One which combats the first signs of aging. Each supplement contains a marine complex (fish proteins and polysaccharides), the antioxidant vitamin C and zinc which is essential for skin cell renewal.

Despite having just tried these supplements for a month I am already starting to see a difference. My skin seems to glow that little bit more and I’ve also found that it heals faster when I get a spot.

The best thing about taking a supplement of course is that you can see the difference on your entire body. I’ve had stubborn dry patches on my arms for years and, despite the mixture of extreme cold air and high central heating, my arms are smooth and soft.

Perhaps it’s some sort of placebo affect but I’m impressed and recommend Derma One for anyone in their mid to late twenties who would like to slow down the aging process without resorting to harsh creams. It works… enough said.


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  1. inter-eessstttiinnngg.. sounds like a better approach than just lashing on a few ‘miracle’ creams n i could do w a bit of a tonic! maybe i’ll check this stuff out..

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