Feed Your Skin

I’ve recently been introduced to Skinfood – a range of unisex skincare from New Zealand. The collection of moisturisers, exfoliant, cleansers, masque and shaving gel are natural and based with coconut palm.

The Skinfood concept is to provide skincare which is suitable for the entire family and uses ingredients like orange, lavender and tea tree which are in abundance in and around New Zealand.

I’ve had the pleasure of trying out both the Nourishing Moisturiser and Exfoliating Scrub.

The Nourishing Moisturiser is formulated for dry skin and is quite heavy so avoid it if you have oily skin. I’ve been using it when I know that I’m going to be spending a lot of time outside in the cold and want to give skin extra protection, or at night alone.

I’m a bigger fan of the Exfoliating Scrub which is a gentle grainy cream that delicately buffs the skin by removing those niggling dead skin cells. It leaves my skin so incredibly smooth and bestows a healthy shimmer on my complexion.

I love how this range is so simple and kind to skin. I don’t feel like it will work wonders on problem skin but if you’re skin is in pretty good shape already and just needs a bit of tender loving care I think it would be ideal.

Available from Tesco.


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