Gift Guide – Luxury Stocking Filler

All I want for Christmas is a clear complexion.

Staying spot-free is tough enough, but banishing blemishes when you are guzzling on mince pies and glugging down a bit too many festive spirits is near impossible – no? NO!

Or should that be No!No!

You might have heard of No!No! for their hair removal device, well now they’ve brought out a zit zapping gadget. The No! No! Skin  Acne Treatment System uses Light and Heat Technology to heal up spots in record time.

Simply hold the nozzle of the device over your pimple and press the button – over the next 10 seconds broad spectrum light is pumped into skin, causing a chemical reaction which ultimately kills acne-causing bacteria, meanwhile heat is used to soothe pain and inflammation as well as intensifying the chemical reaction. When the gadget beeps twice, wait another 5 seconds then go again.

But I’m no scientist and what we all care about is results. So does it work? Yes and no. 

No!No! is great on mild to moderate acne – drastically reducing the time spots take to heal. In my case, spots were healing in a two days where as it usually takes a good 5 or even a week for them to go their course. Where it doesn’t work is on blackheads and whiteheads; the device is purely for acne pimples, but hey I can cope with that. It’s those big red suckers that really get on my nerves.

No!No! Skin would make a wonderful luxury stocking filler for someone who you know struggles with acne. When you have problems with your skin, the gift of a good complexion is pretty hard to beat.

Available for £129 from Harrods, Selfridges and Beautique.


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