Smooth Operator

Winter is a tough time for skin. If you want to remain smooth and hairless under your tights instead of adopting a woolly mammoth appearance it’s essential to replace the moisture sapped by shaving. This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil achieves just this with a luxurious moisturising mix of nine pure essential oils. It’s a treat rather than a chore to smooth the fragrant oil onto legs after showering and one application keeps me feeling smooth and unreptilian for several days.

Wafting around the house in a miasma of delish scent, cashmere socks on my feet, I couldn’t be happier. And if Beyonce happens to be playing, more the better! At £32 a pop it’s not exactly a beauty bargain but if someone sweet wants to treat you for Christmas you definitely wont regret it.

By Laura.


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