SOS – Save Our Skin

Once upon a time a girl had a date. She also had a cold. The two don’t exactly go together. We all know the pain of a red, flaky nose: makeup only emphasises the problem, important social commitments need to be cancelled. With D-day drawing ever nearer and no sign of my cold abating I was getting desperate. I had always dismissed the many celebrities and beauty professionals raving about Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream as mere hype. What makes it so special? Well, since it saved my nose I will endeavour to explain it to you in very real terms.

I applied the cream every time I remembered throughout the day (even when I suspected that my constant nose dabbing was rubbing it off.) Don’t ask me why it works, it just does, and even if your schnozzle isn’t in need of cold proofing I’d recommend stocking up on this cream. It has a multitude of uses and really is an essential to keep in your handbag. When the day of my date arrived my nose was perfectly flake-free; it was still a disaster but at least I looked pretty.

By Laura.


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