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My Oh My…

Check out Ms Agy Deyn all Marilyn-esque and glam on the Vogue Korea cover. Makes me want to play dress up!


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Party Prep: Part One

They say that getting ready for a night out is half the fun and I am definitely a follower of this philosophy.

I love spending hours getting ready – from relaxing with a glass of wine in a hot bath to trying on different outfits and choosing which make-up would look best. It’s a rare treat that I get to do it but when I do I always find myself leaving the house with a bit more spring in my step.

So over the next few days I’m going to be bringing you my shopping list for the perfect party-prep day. First up are these to die for candles from Designer’s Guild.

They look incredibly beautiful with their flowery motifs housing a flickering flame.

They smell extraordinary too – this very moment I am burning ‘Giacosa’ which is named after Italian playwright Giuseppe Giacosa – FYI the author of Madame Butterfly and Toscan.

Top notes of citrus and patchouli are softened by gentle vanilla, resulting in a warming aroma which is ideal for these icy grey days.

Set it up in your bathroom whilst you unwind in the tub to kick start some pamper time.

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Gift Guide – Chocoholic

Body moisturisers should always ALWAYS be indulgent. In my humble opinion, if you’re going to spend time slathering yourself in goo then said goo should be thick and creamy (yet slide onto skin and sink in easily), smell better than freshly baked bread and leave skin silky smooth just minutes later. Basically, it needs to be worth the effort.

SPC White Chocolate Body Cream is just the ticket. It is incredibly rich yet has something of a whipped texture which means that when it’s smoother over the skin it feels light and not too sticky. Skin feels wonderfully soft after use.

It smells divine – sweet, white chocolate but light and fairly subtle on the body. I’ve picked one up for a friend who shares my love of chocolate. A great gift for chocoholics who like smelling good enough to eat.

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Gift Guide – Luxury Stocking Filler

All I want for Christmas is a clear complexion.

Staying spot-free is tough enough, but banishing blemishes when you are guzzling on mince pies and glugging down a bit too many festive spirits is near impossible – no? NO!

Or should that be No!No!

You might have heard of No!No! for their hair removal device, well now they’ve brought out a zit zapping gadget. The No! No! Skin  Acne Treatment System uses Light and Heat Technology to heal up spots in record time.

Simply hold the nozzle of the device over your pimple and press the button – over the next 10 seconds broad spectrum light is pumped into skin, causing a chemical reaction which ultimately kills acne-causing bacteria, meanwhile heat is used to soothe pain and inflammation as well as intensifying the chemical reaction. When the gadget beeps twice, wait another 5 seconds then go again.

But I’m no scientist and what we all care about is results. So does it work? Yes and no. 

No!No! is great on mild to moderate acne – drastically reducing the time spots take to heal. In my case, spots were healing in a two days where as it usually takes a good 5 or even a week for them to go their course. Where it doesn’t work is on blackheads and whiteheads; the device is purely for acne pimples, but hey I can cope with that. It’s those big red suckers that really get on my nerves.

No!No! Skin would make a wonderful luxury stocking filler for someone who you know struggles with acne. When you have problems with your skin, the gift of a good complexion is pretty hard to beat.

Available for £129 from Harrods, Selfridges and Beautique.

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Best of the Rest

NY Mag – This feature is a couple of weeks old but it’s fantastic. See how models are transformed from everyday to runway!

Elle has your party make-up looks covered with handy tips and tricks!

Kiss and Make-uploves Xen Tan – just like us!

Cult Beauty is smitten with Revlon’s new lip shade. has come over all shabby chic.

BellaSugarUK wants to know who you think is top of the bobs for 2008…

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Smooth Operator

Winter is a tough time for skin. If you want to remain smooth and hairless under your tights instead of adopting a woolly mammoth appearance it’s essential to replace the moisture sapped by shaving. This Works Skin Deep Dry Leg Oil achieves just this with a luxurious moisturising mix of nine pure essential oils. It’s a treat rather than a chore to smooth the fragrant oil onto legs after showering and one application keeps me feeling smooth and unreptilian for several days.

Wafting around the house in a miasma of delish scent, cashmere socks on my feet, I couldn’t be happier. And if Beyonce happens to be playing, more the better! At £32 a pop it’s not exactly a beauty bargain but if someone sweet wants to treat you for Christmas you definitely wont regret it.

By Laura.

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Not Quite Right

How much do I love the Zelens Skin Science packaging? The green glass, silver and black makes me want to decorate the bathroom so it’ll match the range. It is pretty but modern; just lush.

I’ve been testing the Advanced Luminescence Serum which claims to reduce the appearance of dark spots and prevent discolouration, brighten and even skin tone, refine texture and ‘enhance vitality’ (whatever that means??).

I do like this serum as it does seem to be lightening my acne scars very slightly and slowly. It is fair to say that it works, though I’m not sure it would do much more than a really fantastic exfoliator.

My gripe with the product is it’s cost. If you read BG regularly then you’ll know that I am not adverse to recommending expensive products if I think they are well worth the money. Whilst Zelens does the trick I am need to use quite a bit of it to get an even spread across my face. This means that after little over a week I am a quarter of the way through the bottle.

At £85 a bottle, I think it is just too much for me to justify spending that much every month. If Zelens manage to get a more liquid consistency which can be spread more easily, or if they lower the price, then I would be giving this a big thumbs up. I suppose it’s the price you pay for beautiful packaging…

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