Simply the Best

Whilst watching Gok Wan’s latest TV offering ‘Miss Naked Beauty’ a few weeks ago I found myself stunned by the contestants gorgeous skin. When I found out that they had B Never Too Busy To Be Beautiful Cream Foundation in their minimal make-up arsenal I knew I had to try it out.

Well, now I have and there’s one word which sums it up… ‘wow’.

The foundation is quite thick and very creamy when it comes out the pretty bottle (which looks great on my dressing table by the way) but when applied to the skin it feels very light and gentle.

This is probably the best foundation I have tried – and trust me I’ve been through a lot in an attempt to find my perfect formula. It offers fantastic coverage without being cakey and that’s what makes the cream foundation so wonderful – all my little flaws are hidden but the glow of my cheeks and my natural colouring still shines through.

When I wear this my complexion looks bright, healthy and clear. I can see this make-up marvel staying with me for a long time to come. I’m so impressed I’m even going to show you how it looks on me – now I’m not wearing any other make-up here, just the cream foundation in ‘Binky’, so be kind!




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3 responses to “Simply the Best

  1. Nikki

    Hi, I’m so glad you posted this! The make-up looks excellent, I was just looking at it the ‘Binky’ foundation, and I presumed (wrongly) that it would be like all others, but after seeing it on your skin and now I know Gok Wan’s show used it, I will DEFINITELY be buying it! Thanks!

  2. thebeautyguerrilla

    I hope you’ll like it as much as I do! Since the weather has turned a little colder I have found it can get a bit thick and harder to blend but warming it up in your hands first should help :)

  3. Babyface

    I saw that show too and just had to buy some cream foundation :) I just wondered, does your foundation had a hollow plastic stick attached inside the lid? Wasn’t sure what it’s meant for?!

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