Is anyone else obsessed with Cult Beauty?? I can’t stop trawling through their products and adding to my long shopping list. I’m lucky in that I rarely need to actually buy many products due to my job, yet with Cult Beauty I just can’t stop myself.

I recently treated myself to a Kirst McLeod Clarifying Clay Exfoliator and Sophyto Deep Pore Foaming Cleanser – both of which I love and will tell you all about soon!

I’m super jealous of the whole CB team – I’ve been a fan of their blog for a long time and now I’m hooked on the site, a huge congratulations to them on their massive success.



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2 responses to “Shopoholic

  1. THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY POST! I’m blushing… That’s really kind of you and it’s been loads of fun doing the blog and the site. And the Kirsty McLeod stuff IS amazing… Stock up now because I can reveal there’s not much stock left in the world and she’s ceasing production to focus on other things. I know I am!

    And I love Sophtyo. Hands down my favourite new brand and I use the mega-serum and polyphenol drops every day.

    Congrats again on the job and keep up the posts! xx

    PS: Love the Ginvera too. Saw it at Professional Beauty last year and have used it since. Good stuff.

  2. Rosie I

    I agree about Cult Beauty. I’ve just reached 60 and I know I should be moving up to more intense skincare products and CB tells me which.

    I’ve sent off lots of presents to friends and I’ve ordered for myself – love the DGJ King of Colour Glossy Blondes Shampoo, and I’m a totally natural blonde. Their despatch team is super-efficient too. I ordered on a Tuesday, had an email the next day saying it had been despatched – and the postman delivered it that day.

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