Cold Comforts

I’ve been flu-ridden for quite a few days now. Last week I woke up to a painful and scratchy throat and I quickly progressed into a feverish mess. A couple of things have been getting me through my symptoms.

Firstly, Throat Coolers are my new bff. Seriously. When you have a high temperature and your throat feels like you have swallowed barbed wire you can’t get better than these babies. The ice sticks are vitamin C and honey supplements which really ease painful throats as well as giving some mild relief when you’re horribly hot and sweaty. The added menthol helps clear out the stuffy senses too – fab! Just pop them in the freezer and away you go.

Secondly, Olbas Oil Lozenges are lovely and soothing. They don’t pack quite as big of a punch as the rest of the Olbas Oil range but they are sharp enough to relieve a slightly stuffy nose. I find they really come in to use when I get that nagging feeling in my chest which threatens an episode of unstoppable coughing. Sucking on one of these seems to repel it!


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